What is the best used system under $1000?

I purchased an NAD 3150 integrated amp and the 4150 tuner for $150. I then purchased an NAD 505 CD changer for $25! I also found a Thorens TD-160 MKII for $45. AND IT ALL WORKS! What speakers should I buy for my set-up, used of course, that would satisfy my budget of $1000? I found a used pair of Apogee Centaurs for $500 or B/O. I think my system is under powered for them. I also have found a used pair of a Paradigm V3 monitors $175 and a pair of used KEF Carina II's for $75/pair and Dahlquist DQ10's for $500. Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated for speakers and phono cartridge
Lots of used Vandersteen in your budget, they should be a good mate for the NAD. Forget the Apogee and DQ-10's, I own or have owned both and you don't have enough power to bring out the best in these two IMO.

I had a NAD 7220PE receiver for many years running a pair of Vandersteen 1B's. The combination was wonderful in my opinion. I'll second Dave's suggestion and also recommend a pair of Vandies...they would be the 1C's now as the 1B's are an older model.

oh...yeah...I was using an NAD single disc cd player also...cant remember the model # though.
Hm, can I second the Vandersteen recommendation? The 1C's are going for roughly $500 right now (1B's can be found for around $350), and the synergy between NAD and Vandersteen is pretty dang good.

Of course, I'm biased. I'm running 1C's with a C320BEE, and it sounds great.
so...I guess vandersteen 1b or c's are the prescription for the day...happy listening. :o)