What is the best used ARC Pre-Amp to get?

With all the choices in ARC Pre-Amps I need to know which have these capabilities,are rated the Best and what the Blue Book is for them used?If you know of a different Brand that has the same capabilities then pass it along.

Phono Stage
Single Ended
Processor Loop-(If possible)
Remote Control-(If Possible)
Looking at what to get in an ARC Pre-Amp.I would like to becapable of having my Lexicon CP-3+ SS Processor outside the Loop when using the system for Stereo only playback!Need a Phono Stage also.How would you go about it?

The newer ARC Pre's have a Processor Loop along with Remote's.Would like to either get an all tubes Pre-Amp or Hybrid with a remote capability.

Line-Levels are out because I do not want to go through getting a outboard Phono stage.

This newer model looks like it has the features I need ,but I would like to get a used model.

I'm quite happy with my SP9 Mk II. YOu can get a MK III for under $1000 on Audiogon. Use NOS 7308's instead of DJ8's.

The unit is a single-ended hybrid, with tape loops which can be used for processors, but no remote.

You will probably get negative responses to this post as the unit has been maligned by some people on Audiogon.
I don't remember any Audio Research Preamp that has both a phono stage and remote. Maybe one of the more knowledgeable AR guys will correct me. That said, if you want phono but no remote and you have deep pockets SP-10 series which runs around $2000.00 used. Don't have deep pockets, I would skip the SP-11 and go straight to the SP-14, maybe half that price used. With remote, but no phono, the choices are much wider. Shoot me, I still like the LS-22. Good luck in the hunt and don't listen to what anyone tells you, especially me. Use your own ears. Best of luck.
The best setup I have ever heard used with my particular speaker's was a Audio Research Pre-Amp used with a ML Amp.I really do not care what other's might think of ARC's.There are probably better Pre-Amps ,but for the $$ I have to wonder.

I forgot about using the Tape Loop for the SS Processor,but I want to make certain I can Seperate my 2 channel playback from my HT setup!A remote is definately a plus for versitility .Guess it's the couch potatoe in me!

Still do not understand the Processor Loop that is in the new ARC Line.

Was considering the SP9 MKII a few months back and will lean that way most likely!

Thanx for the feedback!
Speaking of the tape loop, if all else fails and you end up with a rig that has no remote, Creek makes a nifty little passive volume control that is remote controlled. You can rig it into a tape loop and voila, you have remote control of volume when the tape monitor button is engaged. Since it is passive it is very transparent. If you wish to listen to the utmost in clarity you can always bypass it, again with the tape monitor button.
The SP8 is the very best for your dollar, hands down.
I've had the SP9MKIII and it's a sterile and overrated pre.
The SP8, like the all time champ, SP10, are the last all tube series from AR.
Was just looking at the SP8 and I will be looking out for one that won't drain my pocket!Is there any Tube tips I need for it?And what do I do ,buy an outboard Phono Stage?I could just use the Phonostage from a Rotel Pre-Amp I have to hook into the Linestage correct?
the sp8 has a built in phono. re the sp10II besides the price there is a sonic difference to consider. the sp8 has a more up-front sound - the sp10II is more laid back. if you can find one and spring for the extra bucks the sp10II is worth the difference. i've had mine for 16 years now - i won't be selling it soon i can promise. i also use a creek for casual volume control. works just fine.
Honestly I feel that preamps like the bat vk-30/30SE w/phonostage are quite a bit better than the modern day arc preamps. I haven't heard the ref 2. I use a vk-5i and feel that it's in the same general league as the ref 1 which I also owned. The ref1 is far and away the best arc preamp I've heard. You might want to look at a vk-3i with a built in phono stage if you want to keep the price down.

I think bat makes the best tube preamps on market. They all mated very well with my vt100. Just my opinion and taste of course.

I heard the ls15,ls12,and demoed the older ls-5mkII. I didn't care for any of them. I didn't like the 12 and 15 at all - not enough transparency. The ls-5 had a great soundstage & I can hear why it is a classic. In my system it sounded a touch grainy, and lacked dynamics compared to the champion vk-5i. Maybe the tubes were bad - it was 8 years old or so & the solder's all looked remarkably dull and tinny. I have a feeling it had been repaired. The vk-5i easily defeated this contender.

I know you want to keep it all in one, but a decent low cost alternative would be the adcom 750 ($750 used) with a lehman black cube ($4-500 used). The black cube is physically very small. The adcom has a processor loop and can act as a passive pre. The 750 also has remote volume, active or passive mode, and a processor loop so you can run your home theater through it. A nice nice package that is sonically at the 90-95% mark of the best I've heard.

The arc ph-3 ($950 used) is an awesome tube external stage - warm and tubey yet very transparent with good bass. It's voiced with the arc house sound - big and powerful with a full, weighty midrange. Run the ph-3 into the (passive mode) adcom and you will have wonderful sound.
as far as european hifi magazines are concerned, the AR SP-16 is the best without any price considerations!
Any comments?

I've got pretty much the same question on ARC peramps. Until recently my system was an LS8MkII, dual GTA SE-40 amps, and Martin Logan SL3 speakers. I was very pleased with this - then a friend finally talked me into vinyl. (I bought the LS8 after resolving that I was NOT going to get into vinyl.)

So...I just recently got a used Oracle Delphi and now need a phono section. I've borrowed an ARC SP9MKII, this sounds great, huge improvment over my Sony 9000ES CD, but it may just be the vinyl sounds great? (I don't have any basis for comparison having not listened to truly high end systems.)

I've thought about getting the ARC PH3 and using it with the LS8, but also have heard so many good things about Supratech... any opinions on buyng a used PH3 to use with the LS8 versus selling the LS8 and getting the Supratech Syrah?