What is the best universal speaker cables?

I know that all cables are system dependent, but regarding speaker cables, of all the variety of speaker cables you have tried in your systems, which one consistingly has sounded the best in different systems and which one is your favorite and most musical of all time?
Alpha Core Veracity 2 and 3. I have tried to find better many times but these make their way back into my systems everytime. I am finished with speaker cable searches.
Consistently sounded *GOOD ENOUGH* in different systems: Nordost SPM / VERY GOOD & musical: Bearlabs (silver), Siltech (gold) / Nordost Valhalla.

But there are many cables I don't know well enough!
Alpha core MI2(in my case biwire)and MI3. They are a bargain at their price point. I have not auditioned their silver series, which are a bit more pricey.