What is the best tube preamp for a maggie 1.6 ?

If I keep my transport,dac, digital set up and don't change to run my digital directly to my threshold amp, what tube preamp with remote volume control will have a large sound stage and be slightly warm with superb detail and bass slam but still take one's breath away on vocals? It should be very accurate in tone and timbre so one can tell the difference between a violin and viola and hear the proper attack and decay of cymbals and piano notes. It needs to be dead silent as some can hiss through the ribbon tweeters which would exclude them from consideration. I'd like to keep the price range from $850-1800 lightly used on audiogon. Has anyone had any experience using Herron, Melos, Cary etc with 1.6 maggies? Thanks
I have Mag's 3.6 but with ARC LS-15. Sometime ago I switched the stock 6922's for Tungsram and have never looked back. The tube change really extended the base and opened up the mid. Herron has had great reviews and was a Stereophile recommended component. I do not have direct experience with Herron but my local dealer has Mag/ARC and it is a great combo in his store and in my home.
arc and pse(rare hybrid) are really good mataches for maggies.
ARC has sounded really good in the setups I have heard.
I also have an ARC LS15 with my Maggie 3.6s (which I upgraded from the 1.6s). Like Xagwell, my LS 15 greatly improved when I changed the tubes - for me it was some NOS Amperex white label tubes from the early 1960s - not cheap, but defintely worth the money.