What is the best tube integrated amp with remote

There's only a few to choose from: Rogue Audio Tempest, Audio Research CA-50 (no longer available, new Manley integrated, Cary Audio SLI-80, Consonance M100SE.
BAT is introducing their new integrated amp, the VK-300,
which can be configured using their 6H30 SuperTube front
end. Better add this one to your list of candidates!
Bobgates-Check out the Pathos twin tower and classic, both are highly regarded tube int. amps, and are incredibly stunning to look at.

Rogue tempest.
It allows for you to bring a Model 88 straight in to bi amp.
Anthem makes a nice integrated with a tubed pre amp section. It might not be as nice as the Rouge or the Audio Research, but I've been happy with it. The only downfall (it may be a big one) is that the remote only allows control of the volume in VERY large steps. If anthem would replace it with a better volume pot, I would have no complaints. Happy listening.
Bob, definitely buy the Rogue Magnum Tempest on this site if it's still available. I bought it and I replaced the 12AX7 and 12AU7 to Mullard and Phillip NOS tubes respectfully. I am driving pseudo efficient speakers (88db, 4ohm/8ohm). My bass module is 4 ohm and my mid/tweeter is 8ohm with a jumper cable between the two. I have the Rogue on the 8ohm tap and it sounds great. Especially after putting those NOS tubes in there.

JJ electronics 828, 8 KT88's, Slick Remote , 5 RCA inputs, 4 & 8 Ohm outputs, 80 lbs., Stunning Red Maple Face with Gold accents.This is the company that makes the JJ Tubes and caps,(formerly Tesla). I bought the C.E.S. Demo and 3 of my friends have since ordered one.


Unison Research the Absolete amp(if budget allowes)
Pathos Twin Towers is a little more expencive than you've just mentioned but one of the best integrated amps.
How about the VAC Avatar? that's got a remote. Have to admit that I'm a big fan of Rogue, but have no experience with the Tempest.
I've never heard either, but the French companies Audiomat and Kora both have tube integrated models (I think).
What, no comments on the VTL IT-85? I previously owned a Rogue 99 (loved it), and have heard the Tempest, so I would be partial to it. I don't own the VTL, but I have listened to it and was very impressed. Add it to your list. I think it should rank close to the Rogue.
The Audions are also great!
The Rogue Tempest Magnum is amazing. The Magnum upgrade makes a huge difference all around and pushes this amp in my opinion to the top of the list