What is the best transport for Audio Logic DAC?

I have been searching for the best transport for using with my Audio Logic DAC 24/192. In your experiences do any audiophiles or musiclovers know about it?
I'm using the CEC TL-1X. I think many others think it's a good match.
i think the forsell is the best, with the levinson 37 as my second choice , and the cec tl-1 for a more relaxed (tube) sound.
Ditto on the above, CEC & Forsell no doubt.
Forsell and CEC, in my experience. Levinson, Wadia and my Sony SCD 777ES sounded OK with it, but lacked the analog-like magic that you get from the two I recommend. I'd also expect the Audio Meca to work well with it.
Also any one roll the tube inside the audiologic dac?
Yes, CEC and Forsell. But let us not forget about who taught CEC people how to make those transports a long time ago-Burmeister of Germany.
Goone: I did a bit of tube-rolling in the AL before I did the transformer upgrade. The stock Mullard 12AU7s supplied in my unit were very lively sounding but too hot for me in one frequency band in the upper mids, where they had a glare, so I switched them for first Teslas, which sound a bit mellower but didn't last long, then Telefunkens, which are more to my liking and last much better. I'd imagine Siemens would sound very good as well. The Teles have a very nice bloom but lack the high frequency "sparkle" of the Mullards and are slightly richer than neutral in the lower mids/upper bass, something which obscured the need in my system for a phase control in the active crossover at 220 hz for my speaker system until I did the transformer upgrade. For the stock Sovtek 6922s I've used both Siemens and Telefunken Ccas and ECC88s with good results--again, they are far more rugged and longer lasting than the Sovteks, a number of which went bad on me in the unit. Hope this helps.

Inna: Having just heard some of the Burmester digital gear at my dealer's, I'd expect that it too would work well with the Audio Logic.