What is the best Table/Arm combo for 2000 or less

Fremer raves about this final tool and it looks rugged and cool since it can use multiple arms etc.Massive platter.
But the "list" is $3500 actually the price from importer (The needle Dr.) is $1800 without an arm.Too much.Is there an alternative to the Rega 25???Might buy used so could get something for $1500 say????Wonder how this ne wVPI Scout sounds.Or say Project or Clearaudio in this used $1500 price range.I feel like Goldilocks this ones too cheap this ones too expensive.Want to sell my $5200 Aries soon and scale back.Need space and cash.Thoughts????????????????
Scout sounds! I've got Michell Gyro SE/RB300(later moded) and it sounds Linn-ish but with much clearer details and deeper bass. You can order it directly from England and save arround $400.
Look in to the Clearaudio Champion/RB300 or Basis 1400/RB300, they sell new for around $1600 and are some great sounding tables. They are in another league than the Rega P25, Project or Music Hall turntables. The Aries Scout looks like it will be a winner too but I've heard they are still 6 months out to be able to meet demand.
I'd buy the Rega and a killer cartridge.
I really think the Nottingham Interspace is a significant step up from the Rega 25. It has a high-mass platter, a low torque motor (you have to push-start the platter, no 'on' switch) that is fairly well isolated and plays with more solidity and focus. It is better built as well. $1000 plus arm. The next up in the line, the Spacedeck, is $1500.

I have a Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm and it is a great table. If you find one lightly used at generally advertised prices (around $1800), it is a bargain in this price range. You might even find one with a decent cartridge for this price if you are patient.
The Scout with JMW9 tonearm is a wonderful combo. The sound is large and expansive with great energy and drive. The new Scoutmaster ($2400) takes these strengths even further. The bottom end is has even more weight while remaining tight and detailed. An awesome table.
Teres 135 and any rega arm