What is the best system one can make under $5000

I am new to speakers in general and have a couple of decent headphones. What is the best system one can hope to create with a budget of $5000. It is ok to include second-hand components as well. It should allow a turntable and at least one optical input and headphone output.

The listening area is 13ft X 20ft.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


Yes, and the OP never responded regarding what was done. 

To anyone interested in this topic, I believe a very fine system can be put together for $5000. 

@ “mesch”:

I totally agree, and believe likewise.


I done put two together, starting with basics and provided an upgrade path to boot, without going over $5,000.00, with money left over in both cases and that is with what is assumingly entry-level interconnects and speaker cables.


And while harder with a $5,000.00 budget than it is with say, a $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 budget, it is possible to put together a musically satisfying system with just $5,000.00 if components and accessories are chosen carefully.