what is the best super speaker and why?

what is the best speaker in the 30k and up crowd. the genesis 1s, ml statement, jm lab utopias,and grand utopias, wilson maxxes, and x-1, whamms, sound lab u-1s, i realize to get good sound you dont have to spend this much but i want to know what you guys and gals think is the baddest boy on the block. dynamics ,detail, what speaker makes you feel i am at the real deal. thanks for looking.
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I've heard all the above with the exception of the Whamms. All are very good, and given the subjective nature of what one considers "best", any of them will be considered auditory nectar to any given individual. From my listening experience and IMO, the best I've heard are the Kharma Exquisites and Rockport Antares. I'm told the Rockport Hyperion's are even better, but I've not had the opportunity to hear them, and at $85K they are a touch out of my price range. The Exquisites are exactly that. I personally preferred the Antares, they have everything I could wish for in a transducer, and then some. Although all the speakers you mentioned are superb sounding, these 2 are at the top of my list.
I have heard several Wilson models, and ML Statements and an audiophile buddy had the Wilson Maxxes? delivered (the ones that cost $70K) to his home. We did in home comparisons with a slew of other very pricey speakers and both ended up buying the Legacy Audio Whispers. They flat out destroyed every other speaker we auditioned regardless of price. They are not cheap (my system with 2 LFExtreme sub was about $23K) but they blew the doors off the other speakers. I know that is a strong statement but I am not exagerrating, it is a speaker of true inovation, not just some drivers in a big pretty painted box. If you get a chance you owe it to yourself to audition them. My former speaker was the Talon Audio Khorous (no contest) it is not in the same league as the Whisper so I wont even go into the banter.

I have heard all, and even owned some of the speakers you mentioned and none of them actually do it for me. All the speakers you mention seem to do some things very well, but miss in key areas. I have always been a big fan of Wilson and SoundLab, never liked the JM Labs, or Genesis, but now, I have been spoiled.

The two speakers which blow me away are the Rockport Antares at $37,500 and the Kharma Exquisite 1d's at $70,000. Both speakers sound so close to live music in all areas that everything else I listen to, sounds like hi-fi. The goosebump factor is a constant when I listen to them.

I am driving 3 hours tomorrow to go to a friend's house to hear his system again which includes his 1d's. It is so enjoyable that I make the huge sacrifice to sit in a car for that long. Those who know me, know 45 minutes in a car is my level of maximum tolerance. :)
I've only seen these on the Kharma website, but for $1M USD, they better be good. Has anyone heard these?