what is the best sub for $1500.00 or less

has anyone had a hgs 12x subwoofer by velodyne? is there a better sub for the money? are two subs better than one for two channel audio in your opinion?
i own vandersteen sign. speakers and use the 2wq sub. and added a second and the difference was stunning. the midrange and highs were much clearer and open. the vandersteen Q is a great musical sub not designed for video but music only the w is for video. it uses a different crossover which you have to use seperates. the crossover is put between the preamp out and input of the amp. crossing over is done at the imput of the amp. matching the amp. impedance....hope i explained it ok....the vandersteen sub works well with other speakers, i have a neighbor uses it with magnapan speakers and i have heard it with others and it does very well...around eight or nine hundred on gon ...great subs....hope it works out
REL Strata.
I'll enthusiastically second the Rel Strata.
Rel Strata
I just sold my REL Statium III. This is the best Sub I have had - integrated very well with stereo setup.
Rel Strata

I think I see a consensus coming.
Two subs are generally better than one depending on.........

Two REL Strata are better than one, but I cannot say for sure that two REL Q108E ($750) subwoofers are as good as one Strata ($1500); or that two Strata are better than one REL Stadium which is what $3000 will get you. You get better bass for the price, so two of a lesser model may not be the way to go.

The sub at the very least has to be the equal or better than your speakers. No good using a cheap sub with $3000 speakers.

However, if you bought one Strata now because $1500 is your budget, and saved up for the second later, that would be a good scenario. The Strata is less $$ if you get black brittex color.

So I would get the best single sub I could afford, and decide later if I really want a second one. You may decide later that you're happy with one.

The subwoofer will work a little better if it only has to play the bass of one channel over two, and depending on how your room is, you might get better results having two subs at opposite sides of the room instead of one in a single place. Low low bass is much less directional than a speaker, which is why most people just get one. Low bass is felt, not really heard. You may or may not notice enough difference to justify the expense. But those with two obviously like it.

I have a REL Storm III. I did use it in my main music system until I got new and much better (read expensive) speakers. I like the bass of the new speakers without the sub, so I moved the Storm to my separate movie setup. The movies sound more realistic with the Storm over the old less expensive sub that was there. So a double happy ending :-)
I would recommend one of the Martin Logan subs. Very quick and pretty flexible. Get a Depth, and you are set
rel b3 is another good bet...
I love RELs, but times are a'changin. Velodyne DD-10's digital room correction is worth the entire budget and you can find one for close to that. The Axiom EP-500 is a steal at $1,150, same for the ACI Titan at $1,050 or two (!) ACI Forces for $1,500.
I would recommend you get floorstanders that require no sub. But, if you must go with a sub, then research dictates that you get two subs. Otherwise, no matter what sub you get, you will always be able to hear that the bass is coming from where your sub is placed. THis may not be a bad thing for you, although it was not the sound I wanted. Since I did not have space for two subs, I finally was able to get floorstanders. I tried the following subs: B & W ASW 675 and B & W ASW 750 and the top two Martin Logan subs Depth , and Descent. The 750 and the Descent were both very good subs IMO.
Jhwalker you wrote:

no matter what sub you get, you will always be able to hear that the bass is coming from where your sub is placed.

You mean to say that bass in the region of 50 Hz and under is directional? Surely, you must know being a member here that it is not so!
I recommend Blimpie's BLIMPIE Best sub. Very liquid mayo highs with meaty extensions to drive it. Oh, it is also extremely cheap compared to most subs being sold on this website. Talk about inflation, sheesh! Oh, get the combo, even more liquid highs due to the excessive caffeine. J/K. :)