What is the best storage for cartridges?

If you ended up with some cartridges and you do exchange carts on your tonearms what is the most appropriate kind of storage for your carts not used at the time being?
LOL! We have a saying in the U.S., down south. "Well, bless your heart!" :-)
... and that single phrase can be universally translated to mean just about anything.
Dear Raul,
You are spoiled with humidity in your region - no need for you in your lovely Fiesta garden restaurant when you are D'jay...

Maybe it is not the humidor itself, you can take it out but the storage and handling is just easy - and no light at all for the good pieces. Not the money counts, ideas and practicability...

Best @ Fiesta Only
My learnings on storing cartridges are:

- controlled and stable conditions
- difference on conditions between listening room and humidor should be not to large
- humidity 40-45% max. - prevents corrosion
- light protection
- UV- protection
- temperature 15 - 20°

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