What is the Best Speaker thats no bigger than 14

I have upgraded the rest of my gear. ARC tube Pre, Linn Lp12 , ARC CD2 and CJ 140 watt tube amps. I am ready to complete this system with a great pair of speakers . But one has to sit on a book shelf that is only 14 1/4 " wide. the other speaker sits on a floor stand. I know this is not great but I have to share my NYC apartment with my wife and two kids too. I like the JM Labs mini Utopias but they are a little too much money. I am hoping they will come down. I also like to purchase well known brands, so that resale is possible if necessary. Thanks !
I'd recommend the Silverline SR17's. Outstanding with tubes. Great bass from a small enclosure. Gorgeous finish. Utterly transparent! You should be able to find a used pair for around $1200-1500 in great shape. I don't know how they'll be in a bookshelf setting though. They are rear-ported speakers. I used to own a set and they were wonderful monitors. Do a websearch for further information and reviews on those speakers. Their site is http://www.silverlineaudio.com Can't recall the owners name, but he's very receptive to queries...give him a call with the bookshelf question.

Good luck. I grew up in small apartments in NYC so I'm familiar with the compromises you have to make. Can't imagine having kids there now though.
Wow!...you have some nice gear! I agree...those mini Uptopias are awesome....my dealer also has PMC db1 or db2s which are small monitors with great bass(they use a transmission line design)...I also like the Quad 11LS...but they are rear ported...SPendor 3/5 are always a nice choice...a bit poor in efficiency...but hey...nothings perfect...
You better consider speakers that are NOT rear ported. There are a few speakers out there that are adjustable for wall/bookshelf mounting. This may work with one switched for bookshelf and the other for stand mounting? Sorry I can't remember who...Linn pops into my mind-I know it is someone either british or scandanavian.
The ATC SCM-12 monitors will fit on your shelves/stand and can butt right up next to a rear wall if necessary. They are somewhat inefficient (86 db) but your 140 watts should be OK. I have them as front speakers with my Acurus 125 x 5 and they make incredible music. You don't have to use a sub, but ATC makes a smallish matching sub too if you need one. New these speakers are $2100. I really love them.
Spendor S3/5 is very forgiving of a close rear wall. It's not the best speaker for the price, but anything else I can think of will probably not work on a shelf near a wall. There are not too many small, infinite baffle designs on the market.