What is the best speaker for a smallish room?

I currently have a wonderful EAR 890 power amp, a Klyne SK-6 pre-amp and a pair of Piquet modified Quads. It's a great combination but I'll probably need to relocate to a smaller room -- 11 x 15 or so. I am thinking about substituting the Quads with another great speaker. The quads are just great, although they move less air than I would like them to. I thought about a pair of Sonus Faber Extrema, but I believe they like large rooms. I am open to a bi-amplification solution. Thanks.
Dali Helicon 300 - tweeter ribbon combo is tough to beat plus it digs down deep for the low extension with the right amp

Vienna Acoustic Haydns - would sound great on the EAR

ATC SCM7 - image like crazy

Zu Drid or Presence - speakers I've been reading about the last month
Thanks for the suggestions. I was also thinking about Thiel 2.4. They are not too small, but should be ok in a room like mine, don't you think?
You betcha...Thiels would work and provide better low extension with 8 inch woofer.

EAR is one of my favorite components and I think that would be a good match.
I don't know about best, but I would certainly consider Merlins if I were you.
Unfortunately whatever speaker you put in that room will not perform well without "room treatment" Can you at least put bass traps in the corners? I would seriously consider the acoustics issue before choosing any speaker for a room of that size.
yes, it's not a problem to put bass traps, although one of the two corners behind the speakers is not really a corner. The rear and right walls do not intersect at a 90 degree angle: each intersects at a 45 degree angle with a short wall segment (30 inches)
A very important aspect is that you are currently using electrostats, hence you will always desire an unboxed feel. I would suggest a pair of Manger Swings with a Zerobox subwoofer. The Swings do not play below 100Hz, hence a small room like yours will not affect it much. Below 100Hz just dial-in the amount of bass you require for your room, on the subwoofer. Simple, a very high end sound for small rooms.
Um, yeah, you could probably get as good a results as any stereo set up using the near active Sonus Extrema's, yes! (I say near, as they use a avery simple crossover).
The catch would be to attain as good of a set up as possible
with the speakers and seat, and to get a Rives PARC in the mix!!! (mandatory, at the very least). You will probably like the sound.
I do like the Extrema's myself. They have better dynamics than the Merlins.
good luck
The Manger Swings look like a very interesting speaker. I did not know it, thanks for the suggestion. They remind me of the Reference 3a Veena, which is a speaker I am considering, together with the Thiel 2.3.

More genereally, two or three people sent me private messages recommending Reference 3a for a small room, particularly the MM Di Capo. I have looked at the specs, and the absence of a crossover is an intriguing notion. I may give it a try, although both Thiels and this Manger Swings are tempting.
kataro micropures are amazing!
i could not believe the sound..also
usher stand mount speakers are worth a try too.
I have been back and forth on this issue myself for about 12 months when I moved my system from medium / large living room to small (11x12) dedicated office / my room. Have tried mostly smaller stand mounts and some nice mids and highs but always missing the full range sound. Have just this week acquired a slightly used pair of Green Mountain Pico Executives and they are sounding mighty fine so far with only about 20 hours on them. I waivered between the Picos and Omegas with their small subs (cube) but in end went with Picos because they are reputed to have stat like mids and highs (I loved my old Maggies) but also small bass modules (think 5 inch drivers with top ports so don't have to worry about tight spaces). Full range music is back - oh the kick drum and bass guitar. Green Mountain has an updated version on the way but if you are in the $5,000 range they are worth checking out for your small room. Not much for WAF but heavenly sounds and can only imagine after I get them dialed and broken in.
Ladvid..I hear you about the WAF on the Green Mountains. I always read about the hype of the sound of this company but never heard them until RMAF last year. I didn't hear the smaller Picos but I did hear there larger floor standers and I remember finding it hard to leave the room. Thats when you know the sound is good is when you have so much to see at the show but somehow seem drawn to stay in a resilient room.
Harbeth speakers sound great in small rooms. They are designed and tested in small rooms. Check out the Harbeth web site for more info.
I would 2nd Harbeth the HLP3es2 for a small room. These have great mids and sounds very holographic. Imaging is fantastic as well.

Thanks for all your advice. I ended up buying a pair of Reference 3a Di Capo i (although I also liked Thiel 2.3). I was intrigued by the absence of crossover. I will not sell my Quads though...will keep you posted on how the sound. The reviews I have read are quite promising.
hummmm - sounds interesting.
Do let us know what you think of the speakers, and if you can get them sounding good in your room/system! The reviews sound promising.
I'm very interested in simple crossover, high efficiency speakers. And, when you come across affordable smaller monitors like this, I'm always very interested in checking em out.
Keep us clued in!
So, I have been using my Reference 3a Di Capo i with my EAR 890 and Klyne preamp. This is a very good speaker, definitely recommended. It doesn't quite match the sophistication of my ESL 57, but they are growing on me. They like tubes, and my Klyne preamp might not be the best fit -- they are just a tiny bit too detailed with some recordings, and if a recording is bad, they definitely don't help it.