what is the best speaker for a flea power amp

I have been looking for a speaker for under 2 grand that will work for a 5 watt per channel single ended amplifier.
My room is 14'wide x 23' deep with 8' height, and I listen to mostly acoustic blues at moderate levels. Please help me!!
Cabasse speakers are very efficient and so are the Klispch speakers even te CORNWALLS which are huge sized speakers with 100+DB efficiency,a little 5 watt amp like yours makes them roar.Cheers
Not certain what you want as a speaker is a personal choice. Very important to have effecient speaker with fairly flat impedence curve for a SET. There is a nice list of effecient speakers and a nice short discussion of what is important at www.welbornelabs.com/recomendspeaks.htm

Also there are lots more tube people at audioasylum.com in the eff. speaker forum. Ask there too.

Check out www.melhuish.org for interesting ideas about single driver speakers for SETS.

Hope this helps.

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Careful, I had a 3 watt 2A3 amp and tried it on Klipsch La Scalas. It could not move that big 15" woofer. Sounded like a big transistor radio. I'd stick to something with a smaller driver like the Lowthers or the Moth Audio Cicada.
Klipsch will work well.Try some La Scala's.WAF Factoe 0 but they sound good.
Tell her to evaluate them with her ears not her eyes.
The welbourne labs link is about the most complete for low powered tube stuff I've seen. The fostex and lowther drivers are efficient and have had a loyal following for years, although I don't know how high-fidelity they are. The only other company that comes to mind is Lambda acoustics. It looks like they market their systems as pro-audio and home, but they specs look nice. 102 and 108 db sensitivities depending on options w/ only a 16" square horn mouth. But they'll set you back $5,000 or so for a pair. The horn operates 300hz to 20,000hz with less than 1% distortion even at 110db across the band. The designer is a rocket scientist.
The new Von Schweikert db100's
Check em out at VonSchweikert.com
Typically a horn loaded speaker will be your best bet since
they are ususally very efficient.Go with a nice klipsch or
altec lansing speaker.You will be very pleased.