what is the best speaker cables for martin logan

I want to know if any one knows what is the best sepeaker cable for martin logan speakers?i have the ascent main and theater center.need help before decide to buy them.please need help asap.

You could consider the Blue Circle BC92. Blue Circle's Gilbert Yeung is a Martin Logan owner and uses then as his reference to design his gear.
There is no such thing as the "best cable" it all depends on your taste and the rest of your system. I like Harmonic Tech Pro-9 plus. Cardas and Audioquest are also good choices but may cost a bit more. I suggest you borrow some and try them in your system.
I admit that my opinion can be biased by the fact that I am the distributor of HMS Grand Finale cables here in the US.

But I own Martin Logan speakers myself and have tested at least 30 different cable brands with these speakers and would have bought, regardless of price and brand, the product which I felt, would have complimanted my speakers best. (I could have afforded the Valhalla)
The only cables, which I found to work best in my system were the HMS Grand Finale. It's is the fastest, most detailed speaker cable there is, the price is very reasonable and by having the chance to change the current rise time in 12 to 16 settings (it is a patented desgin, so nobody can copy it) anybody can fine tune cables and speakers to an unheard of degree. For the first time you will realize how much distortion was in the signal before the current rise time adjustments would get rid of it.

A lot has been written about these cables, so anybody can do a search for HMS and everybody can read here at Audiogon or over at www.audioasylum.com at the cables forum, why onwers of these cables praise the Grand Finale the way they do.

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I have tried harmonic tech and liked the sound, but prefer my cheaper alphacore goertz MI2 biwire cables. They seem to soften the somewhat dry and analytical sound of the logans (quest z's). Associated equipment include EAD PM 2000, which I love, a sub-standard marantz DVD player, and a sub-standard Yamaha DSP 3090 (Can't affort to upgrade yet). Hope this helps.
Hi Armando...Lots of choices out there. I've tried alot of cables as many others have. After all these trials, I came across the Acoustic Zen Satori. After only a few minutes of casual listening, I knew I had to have a pair. You would think the 10" woofer in my Quest Z's would put out some pretty good bass. I was somewhat dissappointed until I tried the Satori. What a tremendous difference! Outstanding bass definition, detail and punch. Soundstage became wider and deeper along with increased resolution and pinpoint imaging of instruments and vocals. These cables make music very realistic and a true pleasure to listen to. I give them my highest recommendation.
well ,there is a lot of options.I want to know what do you guys think about the DH LABS Q-10?or any other option?
i want to thanks everybody for your responses.

best regard.armando
Starting tomorrow I will be running Nordost Quatro-fil interconnects with Nordost SPM bi-wire speaker cables. All this feeding a pair of Ascents in my bedroom system . I imagine the sound to be fast and alive (Cross my fingers)

I'll let you know in a few day's what I really think
I agree will Jaguar, I also use Acoustic Zen Satori cables with Aerius I's with good results
what do you guys think is the best between the DH LAB Q-10 or the OVAL 9 from analysis plus?