What is the best speaker cable for Martin Logan SL

I realize this question has probably been asked a million times before, but what have you logan lovers found as the best cable for these speakers? All your insight is appreciated.
depends on what your taste in sound is.
I have ML Summits and use Tara Labs Air 1 with good effect. I wanted to avoid a cable that was to bright but wanted good detail, dynamics and rich texture.
Best that I have found so far for my ML CLSIIAs are AZ Satori.Have used MIT 750,DNM Reson,AP Oval 9,Audio Magic Sorcerer,XLO Ref5A series 2,amongst others.The Satoris have the best resololution,crispest highs,fastest response,sound rather natural.The Oval 9s had the best bass,the Audio Magic Sorcerers were second best overall.
You might look into after market PCs,too.
I've owned no other speaker other than a Logan for over 20 years.
Quest Z's
and have had the Prodigy's since they came out.
I've had Transparent,MIT,Audioquest, Stealth,HT Magic and many others,but nothing has revealed the true capabilities of my Prodigy's like the Gabriel Gold Rapture speaker wire.
The sound is seamless,transparent,rich and musical.
Layers and layers of live musicians in the room.
The stage is across the room and the height is to the sky.
Got 3 chairs in my listening room .
My chair in the center and 1 off to the left and 1 off to the right.
We all know the center chair is the sweet spot!!!!
With the Gabriel's I can give up my chair and still hear every thing there is without much compromise when sitting to the left or right.This was never the case before no matter how I set-up,treated the room and positioned the speakers.
Friends use to think my system was detailed,but never really got sucked into what the Logans can do until I put the Gabriel's in.
They were not cheap had to sell my Stealth MLT's and come up with some serious dough.Some of the best money I spent on audio