What is the best speaker cable for Maggies 3.6?

I am driving my Maggies 3.6 with a pair of blocs mono Linn KLIMAX. My listening tastes privilege the musical balance, speed and "air", as well as the tone harmony, rather than hearing every single tiny details.. In a nutshell, music that lives and breaths! I am hearing mainly jaxx, blues and (baroque)classical music.

I am considering buying used XLO Signature 5.1 or Reference cables, vs MIT 750/770. What would you recommand? Any other suggestions? Budget is less than $1000.

My system is LINN Ikemi + CHORD DAC64 + Spectral DMC30 + Linn Klimax 500.
Current cables are HT Platinum + Tara Decade + MIT-Spectral ULII-350CVT {same order}
It's possible that the Audience Au24's, which retail for $1100 for a 2.5meter pair, may just be unbeatable for the price.

Some to many, including Stereophile, have claimed them to be superior to the Valhallas, which so many seem to consider a benchmark in cable performance. And yet the Valhallas are 3 to 4 times the price.

I know one member 'Eagle' who uses the Au24's and thoroughly enjoys them. It was he who recommended that I give them a try. He drives the speakers with a McCormack DNA-2 Rev A Gold amplifier.

I'm very glad he did.

I use Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun with my 3.6's. I like it a lot. Our systems share the Ikemi.
As Stehno said above, I do use the Au24 speaker cables with my maggies and am very pleased with the results. Audience does not recommend bi-wiring as a general rule and I had already come to that conclusion from my own experimentation. The single run of Satori sounded better in my system than the shotgun double run and it is a good performer in it's price bracket.

The Audience Au24 is more expensive than the Satori, but the improvement is not subtle. There have been many reviews of the Au24 cables emerge since I started using them. I'm inclined to believe the favorable findings even though I haven't done the direct comparison with the megabuck cables.

I use twisted pairs of Au15 (18awg) hookup wire as jumpers from the XO to the panel and bypassed the extra bi-wire connections in the boxes. Audience recommended the Au15 for what I wanted to do as a lower cost alternative to the Au24 terminated jumpers. The boxes are removed from the brackets and rest on vibrapods on a shelf supported by the Mye Sound stands.
You should consider the stand upgrade also.
Sorry, I meant to include that member Eagle enjoys the Au24's AND also owns the Maggie 3.6's. I think Eagle didn't catch that or state that either.