What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?

Price no object.

Brand and Model is adequate.

If you have not listened to it,  please restrain yourself.


I raise this question because there is a maker claiming

to be the best. I am curious if it will garner votes. 

Conclusion out tomorrow!! 

Stay tuned!!!



Hiding in plain sight is the often overlooked (but never under rated when heard) ESTELON XC DIAMOND. SOA drivers (ceramic & Diamond) in an equally SOA cabinet. Widely agreed to have transparency & balanced musical sound second to nothing else. Of course there are other ways to go, but nothing can be said to obviously beat them in really any area (bearing in mind a subwoofer is always recommended for any stand mount). I mean ANY area including surprisingly enough, compatibility with lowish power tube amplifiers. Their impedance is extremely high, as is their sensitivity. Probably the only SOA speaker that could be adequately powered by Lamm amplifiers or Conrad Johnson’s ART 27A for example. Could the same be said overall, of any of the other speakers listed here (or existing elsewhere)? Exactly.

@jeffseight  Good question. The Electa Amator 3's are a very nice speaker, certainly a lot more attainable and more modern looking. Having listened to them extensively, I think they would be a good choice IF one could not source the GH's, which is highly likely. The GH's are IMO a lot more transparent and dynamic than the EA3's, plus they seem to disappear into the soundstage better. Like i said, I have never heard a better stand mount than the GH's...and I have heard a lot of stand mounts, including the later G's, the Magico's and the Borresson, which is right up there with the GH's, albeit at a price that would most folks jaw drop!