What is the best sounding SACD on the market?

I sold my ML390s and have not replaced it. I am running two Martin Logan Prodigy speakers with a ML380s preamp and a Magnum Dynalab MD102 receiver. As you may suspect I am listening to FM regularly. My collection of cd's is small,so the investment in a SACD will not hirt. I heard a sony sacd player with krell equipment and B& K speakers a year or so ago and enjoyed the new deminsion and depth of SACD recordings. Also I plan on spending less this time on a player.
Marantz SA-14 (if not buying the $37,000 Accuphase)

I run my actively bi-amped B&W800's with all Krell except my Marantz SA-14 SACD player sitting atop a Nueance platform. Not only does it play the new format, but the CD playback is breathtaking!

The best I've heard is the Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista. It's remarkable on redbook as well, and it betters the Sony players I've owned (SCD-1 and XA-777ES) by a significant margin.
The new Meitner DAC is easily the best I've heard. I haven't heard the DCS or classe. Still the Sony's and the Marantz SA-1 are well above most of what's out there.
The Marantz SA-1 SACD player is amazing.