What is the best sounding QSC power amp

What is the best sounding QSC power amp? For home use. With other words which QSC amp is most popular among audiophiles?
They make some good stuff but the more money they are the more likely a consumer power amp will be best. Big factor is fan noise. I did a little research and would probably go for the RMX 2450 or RMX 1850 HD if I went QSC but I would want to hear the fan before deciding. I would also look at Crown XLS and possibly Yamaha P-series before deciding. Like I said I wouldn't go pro unless I needed an enormous amount of watts for the money.
qsc is built like a tank. They can take a huge beating but will never match the sound quality of even a mid-fi amp.
One of my systems uses pro amps. If you're in the NYC area and would like to listen, email me.
You are asking a pretty ridiculous question--since the QSC designer believes all amps sound the same.
What if the QSC was only handling the low end and nice tubes on the top end? My speakers are very inefficient. 84 db 4 ohm. They roll off at 390 hz so the QSC would be taking most of the load in a biamp situation but very little of the nuanced freq. I would be matching delicate and revealing tube amps on the top end

Also noticed they have only xlr and some euro input and don't see outputs on their back panel


Anyone used these for bi-amping?

I like the cx 1102