What is the Best Sounding/Produced music CD ??

Just would love to know what are some of your favorite sounding Audio Cds that just sound totally amazing in your system.....Artist/artists titles and reason why you love the release!!!
Thanx to all in advance
I love the four Johnny Cash American Recordings CDs. The music is among the best of Johnny's long and distinguished career, and the sonics are absolutely mesmerizing. On a good system, the Man in Black is giving you a private concert. Can't get much better than that!
I have two of Cash's American Recordings recordings on vinyl and they sound great. I haven't tried the CD versions, but maybe I will based on Hooper's recommendation.

One CD I keep going back to over and over again is Branford Marsalis Trio Jeepy (Columbia CK 44199). The three piece jazz band is extremely well captured on this recording... The dynamics (of the bass sax, especially) are amazing and it's very clean and natural. The double bass and the drum kit are extremely palpable too. To me, Trio Jeepy, although an older recording, was simply done right. It is a standout among my many recordings on just the standard Columbia pressing.

For a more recent release, try Ray Charles' Genius Loves Company. That's a fairly outstanding recording as well.

And if you like pop, you can try Jack Johnson's On and On, or In Between Dreams CDs, which are clean, have nice vocals and acoustic guitar, and excellent dynamics.
One of my favorites for audio quality is Lyle Lovette's "Joshua Judges Ruth." Originally purchased for the quality of the recording but the music has really rown on me. Another that worked just the opposite is kd lang's "Hymms of the 49th Parallel." I think I'll pop Tonight's the Night out and slap kd in the player.
Another vote for the Johnny Cash mentioned above, especially the first and fourth in the series.
Timrhu I listened to "Joshua Judges Ruth" for the first time since the Nineties tonight . I'd forgotten I had it. Funny how that happens. It does sound great, doesn't it? I also checked out Los Lobos "Kiko" while I was in the "L" section also. Hey I alphabitize! Another well recorded album.