What is the best sounding Pre/Pro 7.1 channel with analog bypass.

I play movies, watch TV and have a Oppo 95 CD player that I would like an analog bypass on the preamp. I don’t need 11.1, but need HDMI connectivity. I would like to buy used. So it could be several years old. I have an Outlaw 7 channel amplifier. Sound quality is the highest priority. 

Can I connect the CD player into the amplifier with RCA Y adapters without a problem or noise. The CD player will plug directly into the amplifier, because it has volume control on the remote control that will control volume.
I would move this question to the Home Theater section, as more folks would help you there. This section, imo, is more of a 2 channel thing.
Parasound P7, was about to list it. :)

The P7 is a much better 2 channel preamp than the P5, plus includes 7.1 channel in/outs.  It is transparent enough that you won't need to bypass it.