What is the best song you are hearing?

Hello. You can share the best song you are listening to, for me and everyone can refer can share the same interests with you. Thank you!

"Walk Through The Fire" by Mary Gauthier, on her Filth & Fire album, a great one. The song is just fantastic; great chord progression, a wonderful melody, and intriguing lyrics superbly sung by Mary, my favorite "new" artist.

The album was produced by Gurf Morlix, who was Lucinda Williams' producer, band leader, and guitarist through her Car Wheels album. Gurf's guitar solo on "WTTF" is SO tasty, with phrasing on a level rarely heard in these days of "the more notes the better" guitar playing.

Gotta echo dweller. I recently discovered the Nils Lofgren Acoustic Live disc. The tracks "some must dream" and "Keith don't go" really display his talents. An excellent high quality recording!