What Is The Best Song That Most People Have Not Heard?

 Tell us the best song not heard by most people as yet

The Song Against War https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quq4VnlbUVU 
There's a reason why  most haven't heard that one. But I agree with the premise. Indeed war isn't necessary. All you have to do is to to surrender to the will of those who want to rule over you. Let me know how that goes for you! I bet you will go to war!
Me singing in the shower. My Dean Martin impression..

"Chapel in the Moonlight"

Buffalo Wack Child by Rise Robots Rise

This was a band before their time. They should have ruled the world but the world was too deaf to new music back then. Saw them live in NYC and they blew the freaking roof off the place. RIP RRR.
Investigating "Rise Robots Rise", happened on a similar Duo named "Knower" (singer and keyboard). Kind of like if Ross Geller had more talent and pursued his music...
KNOWER living room power set 2020 - YouTube