What is the best semi automatic TT around 1000$

Tad 60
Bellar1 129
Project 1.2
Quad 22l
for just a little more..a new dual 505-4 a great table, and convenient too.
Denon direct drive models with "L" after the model number: (I have a D-59L I bought used for $300.)
A Dual 5000 or 7000 used. I also have a Dual belt drive 7000 I bought used. for around $400.
Both have lift at end, and a manual cue at start with a lowering device.
The big thing for me is having the auto lift at end of play.
I just do not want to have to jump up after a side plays. (I want to be able to 'listen to the silence' at the end of a bit of music)
I have seen several dual 5000's lately going for around that price. I was wondering if you could change the tonearm, or if you are stuck with the arm that comes with the TT. Thanks for the responses so far, and others please chime in. I really need the arm to lift at the end because several people use my table. I was thinking of going direct- drive.
Occasionally you'll see a Yamaha YP-701 for sale here; they sell for well under $1000 and the tonearm is better than any Dual, old or new.

Jump on one if you can.
Has anyone ever used a thorens 145. I have Heard they have a return function, and I could possibly use a better tonearm?
the 147 has a nice arm and great build, and the auto lift and shut off is the greatest.
I like the Yamaha PX-2.
I just picked up a Technics sl 1700mk2 for $49. on ebay. Put in a $4. cueing belt and have been listening slack jawed. The arm was the biggest suprise being a great match with several of my cartridges.There are many great choices with used semi and fully automatic tables the key will be matching cartridge to arm.
I have never seen a 147 but will check it out. I have been seeing a lot of luxman tables on the bay. As for the sl 1700mk2, it sounds like you have a deal. I wonder if it sounds better then my project 1.2, which I am planning on replacing with the best semi I can find. Thanks for the responses so far, and please keep them coming as I need help with this decision.
i have a thorens 145..don't use it anymore. i'm pretty sure it's autolift..not auto-return. and i've read that if u change arms, u lose the auto-lift function.