What is the best regarded desktop speaker?

Something that can be used on a desk in a home office. Thiel PCS? any others? Some bass response would be nice.
The Totem Mites, the Paradigm (?) Atoms, and the ProAc Tablette Signatures are all very good sounding little speakers.
After owning the Eminent Technology LFT-VIIIs, I would suggest you at least consider their planar/dynamic "sub" desktop speakers. You would have to agree with their sales pitch that beaming in this application is desirable. (Or should I say narrow dispersion?)
Without a doubt, the best small speaker I've used on my desk is the Soliloquy Sat 5. It was designed as a set of rear speakers for home theater, but it uses the same drivers as the bigger and more expensive 5.0. The Sat 5 is a small sealed box, so close to rear wall is no problem. I drive mine with a pretty low powered NAD L40 (cd/amp in one box) and they sound fabulous. Good bass too.