What is the best receiver for me?

First of all I think my current setup sounds good, not great but good. Here is what I currently have:

Receiver: Mitsubishi M-VR400 Pro Logic Receiver
Front Speakers: Mission M73
Center: Polk CS-100
Rears: Bose Cubes
Subwoofer: Sony SAWM500

I am pleased with the setup, but I am ready for an upgrade. Knowing this sounds good to me (the Bose will be the first speakers to be upgraded!!) what is a good receiver that offers the following:

5.1-7.1 surround
Good sound processing for theater (up to date DTS, DD... does not have to be THX)
2 Channel Stereo
On Screen Display
Component switching (minimum 4 AV inputs)
Component video is a plus, but S-Video inputs will be ok
Ability to Bi-wire my front speakers is a plus
Under $350 new or used!

I am looking into Denons the 1803 is catching my eye, but is there anything else out there that might be a better or alternative choice to look into. I do not need a super high end system just want it to sound good and be easy to use. Also something that is reliable, my Mitsu has served me well for something like 6 years now and still going strong. The main reason for upgrading is to get something with component switching and better video inputs. (my mitsu only has 2 video inputs, one for TV, and one for VCR)
I think NAD makes an excellent product with a high price/performace ratio. Some of their receivers have preamp outputs for all channels, and I use a separate power amp on my front L-R Vandersteen 2ce's, and the reciever's internal amp on the center and surround sound channels.
Yep, Nad would be good. You might also check out outlaw audio's receiver, I don't no much about it's features but a lot of people say it's a keeper.

What about the Panasonic Digital reciever? I have been hearing good things about these guys. I havent heard one yet. You can buy one cheap at JRs music world online.

The Denon is a good choice, but so is NAD, and Outlaw.

You could also try a search here at A'gon for old threads in the forums. You can find a lot of useful info in the archives.
You also may want to check out the Marantz line of receivers. They have a music first philosophy and are reasonably priced.
Go for NAD. Better than Marantz and many others for the same price. Really great (deep and tight) bass...
The best for the money I think...well up to $800-$1000

Good luck!
My system works great but I just moved and can't find the manual. Not sure how the sub hooks up...
I can second the Marantz. I'd also suggest a Pioneer. I have not compared these head to head with each other but I own a digital Panasonic XR-25.

I have heard all of these separately and I think the Marantz is a clear winner. I installed the Marantz with some JBL HT in a box type speakers that are OK for the money but not anything special... I installed the Panasonic with some excellent small surrounds from a custom company in Georgia, www.rutledgeaudiodesign.com. The Pioneer was connected to a pair of B&W CDM NT9's. I didn't get to hear it in surround but, I'd say the Pioneer sounds marginally better than the Panasonic but has a lot more features. And I know it could be setup to outperform the Panasonic overall.

I have heard NAD in the past (1995) and wasn't impressed at the time. I've never heard a HT setup of NAD gear. I've heard a lot about it though, which means nothing in reality. Marantz gear went downhill for a while and now it's a lot better in quality. NAD has probably changed... it's been almost 10 years. It could be better or it could be worse than what I heard... There was a lot of talk about the Panasonic digital stuff but I don't think it sounds as great as it's hyped. I've bought a couple of items based on reviews that really don't deserve the hype. Trust your ears.

Until you hear some of this gear, you won't know how it sounds. See if you can get some demo's from a local dealer or buy used here.... and resell what you don't like.

However, based on what I've actually heard and seen, I'd suggest the Marantz SR-6200 or the Pioneer VSX-912. If someone tells you A is better than B, find out why they think so.

The Onkyos are solid and sound great ...in your price range maybe the TX-SR601
Yamaha 2400 or 1400

Check out on www.audioholics.com for lots of reviews and forum discussions.