What is the best quality boom box w/cd player.

My twins (6 years old) would like to have music in their bedroom before they go to sleep. What is the best combination cd player, speakers, preamp, amp - combo $1000 or under. Thank you.
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A few years back, I was looking to do something similar for my niece. I went with a JVC KaBoom Series boombox. She absolutely loved it. The JVC boomboxes sound great, are built like tanks, now accept iPods, and can be carried into any room. For $200 or so, it would be hard to beat this solution for children.

Mini systems like the NAD C715 the Cambridge Audio One+ or the new Marantz CR603 coupled with speakers like the Cambridge Sirocco bookshelves might be a decent option. I haven't heard any of the above and can't speak of their sound quality. I will speculate that any of them might be a step above a typical boombox.
I second the JVC brfand for boombox's. I have had two and one I sold to freind and he still uses it after about 10 yrs. They deliver good tight bass with a very good detail in mids and highs. I had one in my garage and decided to go with a receiver and some Energy Connosiuer speakers and really don't get the bass extension I had with the JVC.
When I was five years old, my dad taught me to respect tools and equipment. I suggest the @ $200 kit, give those two little bruisers time with that. When you find they are enjoying working it, not sticking worms in the cd tray, etc. Then, in a christmas or so, they get upgraded to a Nad type w/ external speakers. Those two got it good!!
Still waiting for one.
JVC Kaboom is the way to go!
Thank you all for your advice. I ended up purchasing the JVC RV-NB52 "Kaboom" Box for less than $265 delivered.


What a fantastic website Audiogon is! Great advice no matter what the price.
I like the products by Logitech. The best docking station for $100. Simply put in a iPod and hit random. We own three, and my 2 and 1 year old grandsons love them.
How does the tape deck in it sound if you tried it?
You can connect a variety of devices using a simple cable. We took an old iPod and loaded it with children's music and calming music. They listen to it all night. The sound is amazing for the size. Got 5 stars recently by the leading UK Home Theatre magazine. Build like a brick.
You can get the old Sony Walkman CD players at 32Ohm in Portland. This is the best device to match up to the Logitech M50. It is 280 dollars; Logitech is $100. 380 and you are good to go!