What is the best protractor for setting overhang ?

I just purchased a used VPI Scout and have set up the cartridge using VPI's alignment protractor. Was curious about everyone's opinion of what the best cartridge alignment protractor is. Years ago I had one that Stereophile sent me for renewing my subscription and it was the best one I have ever run across (unfortunately I have misplaced it). Any comments on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
I too use the VPI provided protractor on my Aries 2/JMW 10.5 and it seems to work just fine. I have checked the setting with the DB protractor and the setting is confirmed by that one too so at least these two are congruent. Another option is to order a Wally Tractor that is specifically made for your table. It uses reflection at two points and is supposed to be very accurate. Last I checked these go for arounnd $150.