What is the best Preamp+Power Amp for Proac K6 ?


I do have ProacK6 and use with Pass x350.5 and dCS Puccini+Uclock. I am not happy, something missing. Now I just intend to sell dCS and bought already Moon Andromeda RS. What power and pre must use to have best result ? I like very much dynamics, organic sound, something like Sugden, very touching emotions ... Some advice ?
Hi Razvanvrs,

Given your equipment, with which i am personally not familiar but which i have read about and spoken to people about who own them...have you tried tubes? I am not suggested you will like them...i am just asking if you have tried CJ, Jadis, Shindo, Kondo, Audio Note...to pair with your Moon and Proacs.

If you have, i would be curious as to your thoughts...that might be a good place to start in trying to help.

All brands you write here is not present in my country. In few days I will try REF 210 with REF 5, hope to be nice. In the past use REF 5 but sold it. Was matching with Symphonic Line monoblocks but dont like the sound, have timing, but missing deep sound and micro details too.

I do love tube sound but most of them dont have a good control of the bass. Proac with kevlar speaker is not easy to drive. Monoblocks must delivery a lot of power to move this speakers

Anyway thanks for your advice
I read many good things about Belles Audio with A class. I have on my home IA4 Sugden, nice sound in A class but havent power to move like I want, but sound was nice, many armonics, fluency and nice 3d scene. Maybe monoblocks from Sugden can be a solution.
The Ref 210 Bass control is good but not super tight-fisted. I have heard the Ref250s are much, much better.

If you are looking for midrange magic with bass control, you may wish to try Gryphon Audio, which is pure Class A and exceedingly powerful. Is that available where you are?

Oh...and there is also Karan...extremely powerful, and also Class A. I have never heard it myself, but have good things about it.
Check out the EAR 868 preamp and the 890 amp.
EAR and Proac are a fantastic combination.
Gryphon Audio have on my location but is up for my budget. I find here MSB 202 for sell, some people said that MSB can be matching with my new souce Andromeda and K6 speaker

Thanks for all your reply
Czapp do you listen yourself EAR with Proac K6 ? What is the sound ? is for sell here 868 too
Hello Razvanvrs, I am a Proac k6 owner and I use an Accuphase E560 integrated amp with very good results. It has only 30 w per channel (pure class A) but I find it more than enough to get the Proacs singing.

I have also heard the k6 driven by very low-powered Audio Note tube amps and the sound was fantastic. So I unless you listen to music and ear-splitting levels, I wouldn't worry too much about having lots of power.

Basically I believe the ribbon tweeter used in the k6 needs to be matched with a tube or class A to maximize its performance.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

PS if you still want a pre power combo, try the class A ones from Accuphase.
I am driving my ProAC K6 with Conrad Johnson ACT2 Preamp and Conrad Johnson LP140M PowerAmp with good result. My sources are: Audio Aero Capitol Reference SE CDP and Micro Seiki RX500 (Turntable) + Moerch DP8 Tonarm + Benz Micro Ebony Cartridge. All cables are Audiance.
I have the K6's, which I love, and have paired them with the Octave MRE 220 monoblocks.  A superb pairing.  The strength and beauty of the K6's is their planar like alignment and coherence.  They do a terrific disappearing act and have ample bottom end in medium sized rooms (e.g. 14'x 16'), with solid gear.  I had the Ayre MRX's but was diappointed with the bass and highs.  Admittedly the mids were luxious and real, but the Octaves give me everything now and better.