What is the best pre-amp for ARC Ref 75SE amp?

Thinking to buy a Ref 5se pre-amp to go with a Ref 75se amp.  Has anyone found a better pre-amp for this use?
I'll take a guess. Audio Research Ref 6.
No guess here......the deHavilland Mercury 3 ..you will love it....big sound ....sounds like real music...no strain. not forced....large sound stage....just sit back and enjoy....and ask yourself how come nobody else has discovered this company....
Luxman C-900u working great for me. Pre drives a sub which ARC preamp won’t with awesome build, features and above all sonics. 
As a point of information, the Ref 75se (as well as other ARC Ref amps which only provide XLR inputs) will not work properly unless it and they are provided with balanced pairs of input signals. If the amp is provided with single-ended inputs, either via XLR connectors that have one of the two signal pins grounded or via RCA-to-XLR adapters, maximum power capability will be drastically reduced, and distortion will increase.

The only way I am aware of that a preamp having single-ended outputs (such as the deHavilland Mercury 3 mentioned above) can be made to work with this amp is by using a Jensen transformer, or something equivalent, to convert the single-ended signals into balanced signal pairs.

-- Al
Works fabulously with my Music First Baby Ref v2. I think you’d need the $30k Ref 10 to beat it.

I have heard the REf5SE and the Ref 75se combo and it is a very nice match. The rest of that system was Wilson Sasha/Sophia speakers, ARC CD9 , Transparent cables/cords all around.

Happy Listening!
I had the REF75 in my system for a week or so when my Ayre VX-R was being upgraded. REF5se is a fine match. Speakers Vandersteen 7
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IF you want another option an Ayre KX-R also pairs nicely with your amp.....
Thanks Al I am not an owner nor was I ever a dealer for Audio Research and did't realize they did not offer an RCA input on their amplifiers and I sure don't like adaptors being used on interconnects.