What is the Best power cable for the Soulutions 540 CD player

Just bought this player and need suggestions 

Has nothing to do with the CD player. Has everything to do with you. Buy your power cord same as any other component. It is, after all.
Anyone if you have this player and have this player or Solutions brand tell me what you paired it with. I will be trying the high fidelity orchestral line of cable in a couple of weeks 
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Triode Wire Labs Digital American.
for this one...I would go with 'Rekcus III' by Dekunff...it a bit on a expensive side, but it is specifically geared for cd players
See why I don’t post in audiogon. Smart asses are still present

Don’t let anyone drag ya down....
I have heard Soulution gear with several different looms of cable: Audioquest, Nordost and SAIN. Good luck on your journey and enjoy the music :-))))
MIT top level power cords work well with my Spectral gear.
I believe Solution has their own brand of high end cables and power cords. 
I’m going to be trying the high fidelity orchestral line of cables in a week.  Should be interesting 
This is the final piece in my system.  Excited! Just gonna cable match and I’m done 

Nice score!  It is really great to see an Audiophile still buying a spinner in 2020.  Have fun and keep us posted on the Power Cable (PC) choice.

Happy Listening!
It’s a special spinner almost analogue like 

Keep us updated on your search.  I am about to buy a very high end cdp and would be curious about you piwer cable search.
I will pickup my high fidelity orchestral cables helix tomorrow. Power cable and interconnect. 
Picked up the high fidelity orchestral cable line. Interconnect and power cable. Going the system tomorrow. 
Liking the high fidelity orchestral line on the soulutions 540. It goes and grabs that last bit of depth and transparency 

Thank You for the update. Will you try other brand(s) of cabling for your Soulutions 540 spinner?

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I will have have tried clarity cable, Clarus cable and High fidelity cables so far.  High Fidelity is winning with its pace, depth and transparency 
I made two changes. I took out the audioquest carbon for the kimber select 2436 usb. The soundscaped and clarity opened up. More 3 dimensional. Then I swapped out the clarity cable natural ic rca’s for high fidelity cables orchestral and wallah magic. Transparency increased more depth. Happy! The orchestral Cable is his new line.  I think it’s his best so far. Increased treble extension and better bass response and plays bigger than the previous higher fidelity cables.  Bigger images! Cooking! 
Thank You for the update.

Happy Listening!