what is the best power cable for the dCS Puccini

what is the best power cable for the dCS Puccini

There is no such thing as the best! Performance will vary from system to system. Audition with cable designers that have 30 day money backs until you find a good match. Or, buy well-regarded, popular power cords used and at a good price that you can re-sell if they don't work out, and get back your investment.
I concur with foster_9.
I am using an old foundation research dedicated line conditinoner on mine with good results.
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For crystal clear dynamic sound a PC that will enhance digital isolation, power factor and AC power conditioning. Think upper end MIT; at least Magnum AC2. Enjoy;I envy you.
Hi Clavil,

It is only a matter of taste. I auditioned the Puccini last week on y system with the U-Clock (I have placed my order) ;).
I done the audition with three power cords, all three made the Puccini sound very different, my first choice would be the Shunyata Anaconda (plenty of silence and very fast transients) second the top of the line Furutech, a little more "in your face" kind of sound, but very fast and musical, last but not least, the VDH Mainstream, less detailed and focused but definitely not on the same price range ;).

Beware, if you have the U-Clock, and you're listening to CD/SACD que Power Chord for the U-Clock is not important but things change when you're listening to your PC or MAC through the U-Clock !!! Here also Anaconda was my first choice...


I'd borrow from the Cable Company and audition cords with the Puccini too.
I agree with Foster as the sound needs to be what you enjoy.

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Hi Foster,
Good to see your still having fun!
I found Stealth Dream digital and Jorma Prime power to be among the best power cords for Puccini (Uclock as well).
As others have indicated you should try before you buy. That said you need to audition a Synergistic Research Hologram D. Search on this site, lots of keys have clicked regarding it's benefits.
Get the absolute best "Transparent Cable" branded power cable you can afford and prepare to be amazed.
I experimented with the power cables on my system. I found a strange thing-when I reverse the DCS Puccini power cord L with N, my system started to sound in completely different level (in a good way). It's easy to do with European Shuko plug. This is the opposite connection than specified by the manufacturer. It seems that Pucinni U-Clock also works better with inverted power connection. I want to know about your experiences.
With my DCS Scarlatti stack I use Siltech Ruby Hill. For me the g6 and g7 Siltech cables work very well indeed, giving resolution without edge.
Clearly a matter of taste, but I've been using Anaconda VX with great success and a Taipan on my U-clock (only because I had it) and didn't wish to spend an add'l $2k for a current Anaconda class PC. Sounds outstanding!
Not to be disagreeable-but-the best pc will be the one that best removes noise from the current--in both directions. I am presently looking for information on that. Also what type of isolation device is best to remove line noise and digital noise emanating from the device operating.