What is the best non-conditioning surge protector

Currently, I have an AudioQuest Niagara 1200 power conditioner with surge protection. I thought I loved it until I decided to unplug my Atoll IN300 from it and plug it into the wall (just so you know, I don’t have an audiophile duplex in the wall). I was expecting the sound to be brighter with a little more coloration. To my surprise, the Atoll sounded so much better than it did connected to the Niagara. I could actually hear my components and how amazing they really are. So next, I decided to unplug my Pontus ii and Hermes from the Niagara, and the sound improved even more. I’ve had the Pontus for a month and liked it (the soundstage is gigantic) but thought the Qutest had more detail and was wondering why I bought the Pontus. Removing all three from the Niagra, I have fallen in love with the sound of the Pontus and my setup. I think the Niagara’s conditioning completely changed the sound of my system resulting in loss of detail. I have a Furman and hooked up the Pontus and Hermes to it and it sounded the same as when they were connected to the socket. I want to protect my setup so my question is, what is the best non-conditioning surge protector on the market?  


Not the answer to your question but a solution to your problem:  PS audio regenerators provide adequate power to prevent the problems you are having.  I have a PP10 for a 200 watt system (200 watt draw, not 200 watts to the speakers) and it sounds great.  the PP10 is the old generation, lots of heavy copper windings, lots of instant power to your amp.  It has zero output impedance to slow current to your amp.  Your Niagara says "low impedance" but doesn't publish a number.  Based on your experience, it isn't low enough.

You may have read my repeated warnings about power conditioners, surge protectors, and even some expensive devices (such as your Niagara) that significantly limit your amp.  So I'm not a typical guy who spent $5k on a device so it must sound good.


>>>what is the best non-conditioning surge protector on the market?<<<

Can't tell you but I've heard a lot and thought a Sound Application unit was alwys the best until I heard a S.I.N. Audio PSD unit. I've now had 3 different S.I.N. PSD units the last one their PSD 10 “Anniversary Edition” unit. Can't say enough about this.   Are there better? I'm sure but this has satisfied me and I'm not looking any further. (Dealer disclaimer)