What is the best matching DAC for Sony SCD-1 ?

I have owned Sony SCD-1 for 2 years and considered to add
dac. such as Chord dac 64, wadia 27.... for red book cd.
Any good idea ?
i used the sony with the dodson 217 dac & stealth digital cable & got fantastic results,& also ran a second set of rca interconnects to my pre for sacd playback,have fun,hi5harry
I use the Dodson but with the Sony 777, along with a second set of interconnects for SACD, just like harry.
The Kora Hermes tube Dac will give you great sound with this unit and at a great price. I own one.
I tried it with the Digital input to my Wadia 850 with superior results.
Muse Model 296 or the new one ninety-two are unbelievably good sounding DACs.
I always find it interesting when I hear of people mating DACs to the SCD-1 and XA777ES, having hearing the sound of both units, and having both being quite highly rated.

For the people that have responded, do you feel that the above DACs mentioned truly take it to another level, or was it simply that you had an SCD-1, knew it was a good transport, and found a DAC down the road that's 'character' was more to your liking?

Also, for anyone out there that can answer this, and for the sake of argument, let's say voiding manufacturer's warranty is not an issue -- would it be sonically beneficial to simply modify the heck out of the SCD-1 rather than dealing with SPDIF and an external DAC?
The SCD-1 is a superb transport, better than many pricey separate transports--it certainly beat my previous transport, a Levinson 37, by a mile. Playing CDs from its digital out to a dCS Purcell-Elgar combo, which I had prior to getting the Sony, easily beats the Sony's own CD playback (it better at those prices!). But you're missing a key point when asking if people are using it with a separate DAC simply because the SCD-1 is a great transport--it's also a fine SACD player, and you practically get that for nothing. Can't answer your questions as to mods, but I'm presently auditioning a used Classe Omega SACD player, built on the same Sony transport as the SCD-1, and it is a noticeable improvement in most key respects over the SCD-1. Even though Classe is a major manufacturer, and obviously redesigned the hell out of the entire unit, it does prove that you can take the SCD-1 and get a lot more out of it. As to what, and how much, and from which modifier, I can't help you, but good luck. The SCD-1's out there are great acquisitions.

I think the Dodson takes my 777 to another level. But personally I think the 777 is a mediocre CDP.

And my opinion is different from Mgottlieb's (for the 777, not the SCD-1): it is "okay" as a transport, but not as good (with the Dodson) as the transport section of my old Levinson No. 39, which is effectively a No. 37 transport.
i agree with drubin,the sony is ok as a transport,with the dodson dac its a nice sound,still not as nice as the levinson or cec transport(i own both),but its nice to be ready for sacd when new titles get released,i wanted to mod my sony,but the mods i was reading about were very pricey,& i felt there will be much better sacd players comming out in the future,have fun , hi5harry
I spsoke to Dodson several months ago after reading reviews of his DACs. He told me that his mods to my Sony SCD-777ES would better any DAC that he could build externally. I did not do the mod yet and good thing since the player just began screwing up.
Ralph Dodson told you that? Are you sure?
Sorry, Durbin I spoke to Dodson again last week and he told me that he does not do mods. I cannot believe that I got it wrong but he told me I was wrong. Now I am thinking who told me that?