What is the best LP version of Quadrophenia ?

I have the original 1973 MCA LP but it has a scratch on it. It's a great sounding record and I could live with it, but was wondering if any of the newer pressings are as good or better. I also have it on cd and blue ray audio, but the LP is way better. I would appreciate any feed back on this.
Try to get a vintage German pressing! All the various LPs I had from there were top-notch! Particularly the Decca Tommy! I am awaiting the arrival of Live At Leeds! 
I prefer original pressings (even if a bit worn) over new ones made from digital files!
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I just found 6 German Track LPs on Ebay. Rather pricey - $48 + $13 postage. But there is a seventh for $30 + $11. That's a good deal! But it has a time limit of 7 hours!
What is "best"? 

Arguably  a period  British Track is what is an "original" Your MCA is already several iterations from "the truth" but doesnt necessarily mean inferior sounding. 

Quadrophenia is a favorite, and gets play time  now and then. IMO reissues are always disappointing once you hear a good period press. Reissues are for unobtanioum and convenience.

Patience, and persistence rewarded me with a period Track years ago. 

My favorite is "The Punk meets the Godfather" with the volume at about 1:00.  Good times

Also two Classic 2007 pressings for $195 and $199. Pass on those!
 Thanks for the info. I followed your advice and ordered one of the vintage German pressings from Ebay. Can't wait to check it out. Thanks again.