What is the Best LP Cover Art for you Wall

Hi Y'all,
I've taken to putting up some LP Cover Art on my wall over the LP racks.  I use those simple LP frames you can buy at any hobby story.  Wondering what folks think is great cover art for the wall.  I've been putting up some classics and then some fun covers.  Thus far I put up
* Jethro Tull - Stand Up
* Bobby Darin - Live at the Copa
* Miriam Makeba - Mint Pata Pata
* Big Bill Broonzy - Original Pine Woods Blues from Delmark
* Contrane - A Love Supreme
* Pigmeat Markham - Live

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Meet The Beatles, Dylan Bringing It All Back Home, The Band s/t ("brown" album).
I think it depends on what you like. Take a look at my system. There are a number of framed albums hung on one of the walls.


Zappa - Hot Rats

Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold as Love

Roxy Music - Country Life

Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here

Peter Gabriel, Melting Face

King Crimson, In the Court of Crimson

Oh, and this one:



I have Herb Alberts "Whipped Cream and other Delights" (a nude girl covered in whipped cream) on the left side of the wall. On the right side I have King Crimson ITCOTCK. She is teasing him.
Oh Yes - Forgot that I have the Zappa's Grand Wazoo up there.  King Crimson is a good one as is PG3. early Roxy is a great choice as well.  Thanks for the ideas.  I'm going to add a new row.
blueranger, you beat me to it. My mom had that album when I was a kid....never listened to the music but was intrigued by the cover. When I saw the title of this thread that cover immediately popped into my mind.
Black Sabbath Volume 4, Zeppelin I, Rush 2112, Tull Aqualung.  
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The Beatles, White Album
AC/DC Back In Black ;-) .
Zappa, Burnt Weeny Sandwich
Savoy Brown, Hellbound Train
Frank Sinatra, come swing with me
The Believer John Coltrane
Any Roger Dean, ala Yes.
Cheap Thrills, Their Satanic Majesties Request
R. Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders.
Svetlana Gruebbersolvik - My Lips Are For Blowing

Cool for Cats by Squeeze.
Radio City by Big Star. The photo is one of William Eggleston's more famous photos and he is one of my favorite photographers....for reasons that are not clear........

Dave Edmund’s Rockpile (debut album title, NOT his later band with Nick Lowe).

Jessi Colter’s Diamond In The Rough, simply because the cover shot is my favorite photo of this ridiculously beautiful woman. Another like her was Barbara Orbison, Roy's wife. I saw her in the flesh at the tribute show to her late husband held in The Wiltern Theater in L.A., and she was absolutely stunning. Our eyes met, and I got dizzy ;-) .

Mickey Katz and orchestra the hits.Killer wall art!!!!
Welll currently up on my wall you'd see Whipped Cream and other Delights, the soundtrack from Goldfinger and Sgt Pepper.   
A beige Nonesuch cover from the 60’s with nothing on it but a six- inch high replica of the flowing signature of one J.S. BACH .
I have Philly Joe Jones Showcase up on my wall.  Nice picture of PJJ behind an absolutely wrong-sized set of Gretsch drums, but it still looks cool if you can look past the photo inaccuracy.