What is the best loudspeaker for a small room?

I have a very small audio room, 16 ft (L) X 14ft (W) X 8 ft (H). What are my options if I want a floor standing loudspeakers? Of course price is an issue but maybe I can equate the price later on based on the performance of the speaker. I enjoy listening to almost all types of music using pass labs pre xp20 and power xa100.5 amps.
Sorry, there is no definitive "best" of anything. There are way too many variables involved. The "best" you can hope for is to find something that works well in your system. You can then say it's the "best" for you until you find something you think is better !!!!
I highly recommend the B&W 685.

The DeVore Fidelity speakers are remarkable and designed to work well in modest spaces. John DeVore is a Manhattan apartment dweller and tests his speakers in real living spaces in the city. I highly recommend his designs, I've owned the 8's and Super 8's in a room slightly smaller than yours and couldn't be happier.
I don't think that's such a small room. You might have more options than you think.
Dali Euphonia MS4
These can be the best an any room
Take a look at the Vandersteen Five series or Quatro.
Both loudspeakers offer full range performance without overloading the room.
dealer disclosure
Any ProAc, floor stander or monitor.
I agree with Branislav. Compared to many rooms on this site, this is hardly small.
agree with above, your room is not that small. many floorstanders will work.
I would second th DeVore's, and the ProAc's, particularly if you want a bookshelf/monitor.
I agree with Brainislav et al, that the room is not that small, and lots of things might work.

Another variable is how far you can place the speakers into the room; if living considerations in your room require "near wall" placement, that is a consideration, so it would be helpful to know how far out you can go.

8x10 is a small room. Your room is almost triple that and should be able to easily accommodate a mid-sized floorstander such as the Monitor Audio Silver RX6, the PSB Synchrony Two T, Magnepan 1.7 plus a small sub, Mirage OMD-15, Totem Hawk or Sttaf.

I think a particularly good candidate would be the GoldenEar Triton Three Tower. It is a fairly compact tower with a built-in powered (sub)woofer. This would make it easier to adjust the bass output to a range of room sizes, and your room size would be in its sweet spot. It also have a very fast, linear midrange and very smooth, resolving, extended folded ribbon tweeter based on the Heil design.

Although they're pretty accessible and affordable, these are highly resolving speakers that will make full use of your Pass Labs electronics.
I have a similar size room and am using PSB Synchrony One towers with great results. I use a MF M3 Nuvista Integrated with 275watts of power,and can achieve lifelike volume and impact with no problem. 16 x 14 is not a small room, and really quite a nice size for a dedicated listening room. enough room to get back from the speakers to let them consolidate the sound, and to load the room while still being small enough for intimate listening. Previously I used PSB Stratus Gold for good results.
I didn't know I have lots of choices. Brands and models I'm not familiar with . . . but that will be a good start. I guess I have enough time to look for the technical specs and compare them. Process of elimination will begin once I have the price. Thanks a lot guys!
See Fritzspeakers.com and talk to Fritz
Agreed, not that small of a room when you consider 15x20 average. However, it all depends on how the room is configured and what furnishings. After downsizing I have a similar size room and I can tell you it has been a challenge. After trying numerous speakers I ended up with Revel M22 and a REL subwoofer.
Merlins should work - you will have excellent detail resolution and bass will not be lacking in a room that size.
I have Maggie 3.6's in a 15x12 room and they sound great. You're room is not small
Harbeth compact 7 the end of the road.
The best speaker in the world is the speaker you like the best, period.
Next time you might ask what are some of your favorite speakers for a medium sized room?
I missed you budget but some used Sophias by Wilson would be nice if you have the electronics for them.
Do you like any particular type of sound? Some might say Harbeth if you like that British type sound? You understand I am sure.
Look at the Gallo Classicos, great speakers with a 30 day trial + free return shipping...


I would go for a mid sized floor stander or a bigger sized monitor on a stand. I've messed around with all kinds of speakers in my bedroom that is about the same size and a mid sized floor stander will give a lot of bass at least in my room it does. You have some darn good electronics so I'm sure you have a pretty decent budget. You prob could make a set of Wilson Sophias work or how about revel studio? Or a Dynaudio? I'm not sure if what is known to match well with Pass Labs but I'd start there and don't be afraid to get something mid sized. Your room is not that small.
I aggree with the above. DOn't get speakers that are to big but get ones that fit the room. Sounds like you really need to walk into some dealers and listen a bit and see waht you like once you give us some feedback we can recomend similar speakers to your taste. Some dealers will even let you take speakers home to try.
That room isn't small. I use Quad 22L2s in a 11x12 room. I started with B&W 685s, but needed bigger sound. You should seriously consider floorstanders in that room.
I'm glad to know that my room is not that small. Smaller ones can manage to have bigger floorstanders. I forgot to mention that I'm using kef reference 203/2. After awhile, you're thinking of upgrading your set-up but in fairness the kef sounds great especially in vocals and acoustics. Somebody told me that a 207/2 will be too much . . . it may not give the sound of an audiophile. Any comment?
08-29-12: Highendav123
I aggree with the above. DOn't get speakers that are to big but get ones that fit the room....

Generally good advice; it's not easy to dial back a big-sounding speaker in a smaller room. Fortunately there are some floorstanding speakers that are making this easier. The GoldenEar Triton Towers I mentioned earlier have built-in active woofers. To fit it in a smaller room, just turn down the woofer control on the speakers themselves.

Another trend is seen in the PSB Synchrony towers and the Monitor Audio floorstanding speakers such as the Silver RX6 and RX8. These speakers come with foam plugs to change the bass output in the room. In the case of the Monitor Audios, they have both front- and rear-firing ports, so you really have four different bass loading profiles:

o Both ports open
o Front port plugged
o Rear port plugged
o Both ports plugged
Take a look at the Vivid Audio v1.5. Very easy to work into a room but very dynamic and musically engaging. I use them with Aesthetix gear and absolutely love them. I also think for how they perform they are very fairly priced.
As a last resort you could get the Polk Lsi15. I promise not to tell.
Jerrypan-The Kef 203/2 is a world class speaker. Is lack of very deep bass an issue? Have you worked on room acoustics or considered a subwoofer?
Actually, I have a hypothetical question.
In a room exactly that same size, rate by preference the following speakers¬Ö

Wilson Watt Puppy 8
Proac Carbon 6
Wilson Benesch Chimera
Avalon eidolon
Sonus Faber baby Strads

These are my favorites. Just Curious.

As a last resort you could get the Polk Lsi15. I promise not to tell.

I had a pair of those. Replaced them with a pair of Proac Response 1.5s. Can't honestly say the Proacs were better.
Dayglow:) I agree that kef 203/2 is a good speaker, considering the size of my room and perfect for my electronics. The acoustic treatment is of high level if not perfect. I have also compared kef with other expensive speakers in Hong Kong audio show and the audio quality is not really that far. Maybe I'm in the stage where I believe I can improve more but not to the extent of spending too much for a bit of clarity and punch. Thanks for all the inputs, happy listening.
That is not a small room. You can get most good floorstanders to work very well in this size room. My room is 13 x 20 x 8 and I currently use giant evolution acoustics MM3. I have avalon eidolons, verity audios, revel studios. Room size was never a constraint. In fact, until I got the MM3's I used subs.
Montana Master Reference... Oh, wait... that speaker is a small room.
Montana master reference. hahah.
How about the Rockport Arrakis for a small roomo?
I have used Merlin TSM-MXE's, Omega Sticks, Triangle 30th Anniversary Cometes, ProAc 30th Anniversary Tablettes and all have worked very well in my 9'x 13' bedroom.
I forgot to mention Ohm Walsh Micro Talls which are fantastic speakers, are very easy to place and have a tiny footprint.
i have heard really expensive stuff but would recommend :

system audio sa2k - really sweet, refined, outstanding imaging

pmc tb2i - outstanding bass quality - really a PRAT machine

go and listen
A great speaker that sounds great even at low volume
Is the new Marten Duke -2. Monitor at $ 8500 retail a bit on the higher side but in many people's opinion more musically natural then the
$$$ Magico that sell for 4x. Their price the best of the best in parts quality
There is. brand new review on positive feedback online.
With your equipment Revel Studios Used for about 6k. I have pass equipment and the lower line F52 in a room 18 x 13 x 8

They sound superb
System audio SA2K.
No comparison to anything.
I need to chime in here because I have a similar sized room and feel it is small. I sit approximately 10ft. From my studio 20's and couldn't imagine bigger speakers in such a space without being overwhelming.
You should listen to YG Carmels- there are several floating around used for 1/3 the original price. Very revealing yet not fatiguing. Easy to drive and will not be outdated with future front end improvements.
It was not mentioned pricing ? The YG Carmel's are. Excellent choice if you have over $15 k to spend ,and need. Quality sub if you want the last octave
Of Bass.
Th New Marten Duke MK-2 at $8500 retail, is a great monitor and in my opinion a more musical speaker then the $25k plus Magico , get a good sub you have a reference full range setup for well under $10 k with discounts.
Svs has an exceptional new 13 inch sealed sub for 1,500.
If money is tight the new Revel M 106 monitor which I own ,with a svs sealed 12 inch sub
Is. Great combination for under $2500 for the system and is a steal
For the price look for a review in TAS magazine in the next few months.
If you gots the money, why not the new Raidho D1 with the diamond midrange/woofer driver and ribbon teeter? You definately have the appropriate electronics to drive them. They're small and will fill your room with wall of focused sound. I've listened to the C1.1 with their proprietary ceramic mid/woofer driver and ribbon tweeter, and it is one of the best speaker for my taste (pure midrange, smooth detailed highs, remarkable imaging/ soundstaging, excellent micro and macro dynamics, and natural tone/timbre, nonfatiguing). Ideal for small to medium size room. Ok so you have to sell your right kidney to get a pair, but you still can survive with one kidney, right?
One advice is a small speaker and a subwoofer. Because this you can adjust very easily. I did this many times for small rooms. Gives better results then 1 pair of speakers. I had the 100.5 and XP20 as well. I would choose for a speaker which can give a very 3d holographic sound. The Pl-200 of Monitor Audio is in his pricetag by far the most hlographic speaker I know to date. You can put it very near the wall. It is developed for this. I never heard a speaker what so easilly good at even small rooms are rooms with a bad acoustic. Read the Stereophile test of the Pl200. Other thing is you can use a Onkyo PR-SC5509 with Audessey pro. Know my stagte is deeper and wider then with the XP-20. Detalis are better focussed wenn I had the Xp-20. Audessey pro brings you to a very high level of music without all the flaws of a room without loosing drive and details. I never thought I would like this more over my XP-20 which I had before.
I owned the XP-20 and XA100.5 as well. This set is a very musical and powerful combination. And can play very 3d holographic. The biggest fault you can make is buying a speaker which is not capable of a deep and wide stage. Like B&W. Which most expensice ones I owned. How much money you would want to spend? Many speakers need some room from the wall. Kef, avalon, dynaudioand B&W are all difficult to use in a small room.
The kef you are using is not that special. I sold them, but I would not want them even for free in my room. Your system can reach a much higher level with other speakers. Filters of kef speakers are not the best. In 3d imaging kef is not even of the level of many other good speakers can. Bass respons is not fast enough.