What is the best knot for a thread drive belt ?

What is the best knot for a thread drive belt for my Verdier TT ? How to tie it ?

Blood Knot is what I use. Google it. You Tube has good video.
Teres also recommended a blood knot back when its tables were supplied with a thread drive (pre-2004).

Doesn't this "blood knot" create a bump on all sides? And how smooth is it when pass through the small diameter of a pulley? I haven't tried it; I guess I will find out.

A blood knot works best with thinner poly or cotton/poly thread-- typically called "heavy duty" in a fabric shop. If using a thicker #2 braided silk thread, it's better to tie a simple loop knot. This is flat on one side and can sometimes be coaxed into position so the knot rides on the outside of the loop.
Here's a good knot. It has a smooth side that tends to run on the platter. It stays tied, too. If my memory serves me, it is the same knot used by Micro Seiki back in the day.

Saskia Turntables

It always helps to include the link.

No knots for me.
When I had the Verdier - I went to a belt & had better results & less fuss.
I used the same belt from my Nottingham Mentor ($50), but had to move the speed controller to the front instead of the back.
Dear Hiho, you are right.
Cheers, D.
Doesn't this "blood knot" create a bump on all sides...

Of course it does, but who cares :-)
In my NOS package of the Micro Seiki K-5 thread came a little piece of paper describing how, in Micro's opinion, to tie a knot for use with their turntables. It was in Japanese, so I had it translated by a friend. I posted both the Japanese and English versions--with a scan of the tying directions--on Vinyl Engine. You can download the pdf from here:



Now, that knot makes more sense to me. Thanks!