What is the Best Integrated tube amp you heard

I just want to know what is the best integrated tube amp you have ever heard and with what speakers you were listening to it on.

The Best one I have heard is a Sam Kim Heathkit 151 creation from Sam's Audio Labs in full triode at 7 watts per channel with Altec 604d in cabinets
My John Hogan 6sn7/76/300B SET amp.
My Audio Note Meishu 300B 8wpc SET with Audio Note kit 3 (97db E silver) speakers
Naim Supernait with Naim CDX2, Kudos C-!0s.
My ASL 1003DT, because its the ONLY integrated tube amp I have heard,lol! It's more fun to listen to than my Accuphase stuff,which is great too.
I'm really smitten by it, its warm el34 sound and great dynamics to boot,a keeper. It puts the flesh on the bones of the music that sounds real to me.
I would love to go somewhere and listen to many others.
OP: So why are you selling it?
Joule Electra Vamp is a hybrid integrated amp. Unfortunately it is now longer being made. Wonderful sound.
Mastersound 845, as described in the quote below (lifted off the net):

The Italian designed Mastersound 845 Reference stereo integrated amplifier uses parallel Billington Gold 845 triode tubes to produce 40 watts per channel. New old stock (NOS) Tung-Sol 5687 blackplate for rectification and NOS Raytheon 7730 for pre-amplification round out the tube compliment. The 7730 is a premium version of the 12AU7 made only by Raytheon as it provides very low noise and heavily plated gold pins. There is zero negative feedback in this design that weighs in at 50 kg.

Escalante Design Fremont speakers and front end was Wadia. Great sound but probably not the best speaker match for the Mastersound.
Cary version of 805 (I am spacing on it's name).
Ars Sonum Filoharmonia with Merlin VSMs.
Jadis DA88S with Apertura Tanagra.

Not suprisingly, everyone quotes there own amp, so I will too. My Viva Solista 22 watt 845 SET is the best amp of any sort, I have had in my system and I have used some good integrated amps, Karan K180, lavardin IT included.
Interesting, The best I have heard is a 300b SET also through Altec 604D speakers. Tho I am driving with two subs crossed at slightly different crossover points. When all is right, there is really nothing better, at least that I've heard here.


Kondo Ongaku (with NOS tubes).
I've had the pleasure of owning some really great integrated amps, including the VAC Phi Beta. My favorite though, has been the New Audio Frontiers 845 SE, which I regrettably sold, as my Reynaud Offrandes were not completely SET compatible.

Currently, I'm enjoying a humble Eico HF-81 with my Green Mountain Audio EOS HDs. While not as sonically spectacular as the 845 SE, it is totally non-fatiguing, and possibly the most musical sounding amp that I have had come through my system (there have been dozens).

Coincidentally, I have the Eico with Sam Kim at present, awaiting modification. I had a soft popping sound in one channel, which I suspected may have been due to a bad cap. Sam strongly recommended a modification to his 7 wpc triode design, as with your Heathkit amp. I was at first reluctant, but on the strength of his explanations, as well as the few rave reviews I have been able to find, we're going to give it a try. I'll know if I have a new king of the hill in about 6 weeks.
The VAC Phi Beta is the best integrated I have in my system. I don't know if it still in production. It is worth checking out before you buy anything.
Gerrym5 Unfortunately the Phi Beta is no longer made. I don't think VAC do any integrated amps at the moment.