What is the best Integrated amp w/phono for $3000

Is Bryston B100 SST 17 the best Integrated amp for $3000 or less?
I like a sound that isn't warm rather on the neutral side.
How does Marantz sound (PM-KI pearl).
Best at what? With what equipment? There's a lot more to it than just asking what is "best". What someone else thinks is "best" might not work for you at all.Ask ten people that question and you are likely to get ten different answers.List your other equipment and some more info on what you are looking for in an amp and you will get more specific responses.Remember,these will be what others like,the ultimate decision will fall on you.If possible,audition some amps that interest you.Good luck in your search.
Tpreaves is right. More info is needed especially the speakers the amp is going to drive as well as how flexible you want the phono to be. Having said that, let me point you towards the Simaudio products for a very resolving neutral sound. Specifically, the i3.3 is a modular integrated amp: the base model comes with the line-level preamp and the power amp section rated at 100wpc into 8ohm, doubling that into 4 ohms (so should drive a wide range of speakers). But you can also add an on-board DAC as well as MM/MC phono modules. Here is a link: http://www.simaudio.com/mooni33.htm
The Simaudio i3.3 only has 4 imputs
That would not do

Fish...See what I mean? Give some more info.
Fishing for answers in deep sea of uncertainty. Go off the grid with a non cemented audio. It's the only way to go for true high fidelity sound.
Fishing716...actually it has 4 single ended and one balanced set of inputs for a total of five line level inputs. But as Tpreaves said, if you have specific requirements, you should state them, along with speakers that the integrated will be driving and any specific requirements from the phono stage (as phonos in integrated units tend to be less flexible than stand-alone units). Good luck.
Thanks for the response
I have B&W 804 Speakers
Also use Creek T43 tuner/Sony KA3ES Tape deck/Marantz SA-KI SACD Player/Sota Satellite Turntable w/Grado Platinum/
TV & DVD player.
I used a MF Trivista 300 with B&W 801's with very good results. Just a bit over your price point; and rare to find (limited production run). Gobs of power, warm, musical production. One to consider.
I dislike a "Warm" presentation..
I used Creek equipment for 10 years w/Sony SCD-1 & was satisfied.
Alas the SCD-1 had disc reading isses at the end.
I sold it for $900
Framdoc, how do you like your MF Trivista 300? To me, Musical Fidelity made great integrated amps especially the older one.
I also have good results with Musical Fidelity KW500 integrated amp. I use it to drive a pair B&W 802D. The extra power on the MF really extended the lower end of the 802D. To my ear, the sound of the KW500 is very close to big brother KW750 hybrid preamp and amp. Stereophile review on the KW750 is quite accurate IMO.
Sorry, Ldk, been out of town and not checking forums. I really enjoyed my Trivista 300 with the 801's. As you noted, the depth of power reached into the big woofers and got everything out of the speaker without muddying thing up. I also used them at times with another system driving original Rogers Ls3/5s's. Sounds like overkill for that small speaker but with low volumes, it work so well.
I've got the MF and B&W's boxed up now; I have another system in place and the 300 didn't match up well with these speaker/components.
I never heard the bigger KW series but I bet the family resemblance is there.