What is the best high efficient monitors under 1K?

Well I am having a hard time to find high efficient monitors for my SET 2A3 amps or may be best matched monitors for the Manley Stingray in my office under $1000.00. Do you have any opinion or suggestion? I would appreciate your anticipate in my thread.
Parts Express has a system using the Dayton Audio RS series drivers at #580 or a used set of Coincident Triumph UHS.90/92db/watt respectively.
Agree with both of the above recommendations, Coincident Triumph and Von Schweikert VR-1.

My buddy and I spent a couple of months going around and trying to find a sympathetic pair of speakers for his very low powered amp, and they were the only two that cut the mustard. Different tonal balances, however. The VR-1 are more clear in the treble, while the Coincidents do a better job with the bass (especially) and mids, not that the VR-1 mids are at all not recommendable. The Coincidents sound more open and spacious, though.

You can't go wrong with either, the recommendation goes to one that meshes with your preferences best.

Might also want to try the Omegas...
I have the Omega Super 3's (narrow cabinet - $540 list) paired with a Prima Luna Prologue Two (SONY SCD 555 ES SACD player; IXOS Silver Gamma Interconnects; and Signal Cable Speaker Wire). The sound has a float in the air quality, musicians in the room presence to it. The Omegas are rated at 93db and sound excellent when played at all loudness levels. The Omegas did require a lot of break in time (200 hours) though.

Regards, Rich
Take a look at the Bob Brines FB-16. It is a Fostex based single driver speaker. It's not on his website yet but go to the message board and look for his coments there. I am having him build me a pair of FB-1600's. I can't wait to get them. I've heard great things.


Brines Acoustics
I recommend auditioning the Opera Audio Eric-1s at just under 1K/pr. new. Quite impressive sounding when I heard them earlier this year at THE Show.

At 90db sensitivity into 8 ohms, they should be a pretty easy load to drive with SET.