What is the best HEAVY METAL speaker?

I know totally blasphemy question here on Audiogon. But you like what you like, right? Anyway, I know most metal music is totally compressed and recorded horrible (aka Metallica) however there is a new age of metal bands out there that are starting to change that (Opeth started with Blackwater Park). So what speakers out there can take the pounding of a double bass drum kit hitting at full throttle and give the roar of metal guitar justice. There has to be a set up that would make Glen Tipton turn his head and say hell ya!
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I absolutely second Csmgolf's recommendation of Tekton as your primary "Heavy Metal" choice! Possibly the best bang for the buck Uber rock speaker offered in many years. Yet, they can do double duty as a very respectable audiophile speaker as well. Nothing really like them in terms of refinement for their price point. Not even close IMHO. The fact that their top model that can be had for a little over $2K new can play darn near as loud as the $100K plus monster Wilson Alexandria is really the proof of design in my opinion. Possibly the most overlooked "uber dynamic" audiophile speaker today. (Although you won't have any problems finding gushing professional reviews on them mind you ;-)
I think its lame that my post was censored even though it was not offensive, no bad language, and just expressed an opinion that is the minority on this site. Truly lame and keeps the fantasy of hi-fi alive.

To paraphrase my previous post that died before it had its' day was that it is I am glad someone started a thread looking for heavy metal speakers. It's refreshing to hear talk about speakers for rock in the "fun" sense, and not in the "female vocalist" hifi sense. No offense to lovers of the latter but that and jazz and classical get so much more wordpress, that I get the sense that they don't make gear for fun rock anymore.

That's all good luck and enjoy whatever you decide.
Cerwin Vega XLS-215

They will give you dynamics for that metal! :-)

Enobenetto-Your not alone there are many younger(<50) on Agon that respect heavy metal/hard rock.
Good evening!
I'm using Reference 3A Episodes driven by a bryston 4B and this combo has no issues keeping up at some neighbour-annoying levels. :)
I listen to everything from jazz to rock to Manson and korn to EDM... and the system continues to impress me.