What is the best full range Speaker ?

I am starting out and have budgeted approx. $5k - $7k for speakers (with approx. $3k for an amp.) with a focus on the midrange. I am considering used/new Legacy Focus. Any help would be appreciated.

To get meaningful advice and make better informed decisions, more info would be helpful. How large a room are you going to have to fill with sound? What are the room's acoustic characteristics; lively & with bare floors & lots of glass, well damped with carpet & plush drapes, etc? Do you plan to have high efficiency speakers mated with a lower powered tube amp or are you thinking of less efficient speakers & more powerful amplification? Have you listened to enough speakers to have any preferences; planar, dynamic, horn, etc? A bunch of scattershot opinions are worthless unless they are applicable to your tastes and room.
I would second Photon46's comments and ask what you mean by "full-range". That term is intended to refer to a speaker that can reproduce all ten octaves, including the lowest octave. Even most expensive ($25k+) speakers are not capable of flat anechoic performance at 20 Hz. If that is indeed what you mean and your budget is $5-$7k, the only options that come to mind that are not powered studio-style speakers are the original Revel Salon and the Dunlavy SC-V.

The Dunlavy is too large to be acceptable in anything but a large dedicated music room (they are the size of a typical refrigerator).

The Salons are more reasonably sized and the more engineered product, but are a true high-end speaker that can't be paired with schlock electronics or they sound like shit (which is unfortunately what happens a lot these days because they can now be had for $7k used). They are also somewhat inefficient and require high-current amplification, which is again tough to do at $3k (there are not many options).

Both the Dunlavys and Revels are close to flat at 20 Hz. and both go very loud, cleanly (especially the Revels when paired with a huge amp).

If you do not need bass below 30 Hz., you create a lot more options for yourself.
The first thing to do is to look at your own musical tastes and decide which areas are most important to you. If you do not have a good grasp of what you are looking for buy an excellent speaker like the Spendor SP-1, which you can pick up used for $800 to 950. Listen to it for a while, its performance is hard to beat at any price, especially with a good sub. If you decide to change you will know which areas you want to improve and which you care less about. ALL speakers, no matter what the price, are compromises; the secret to being happy is to recognize the areas we value the most. All speakers, even very good ones, sound quite different, and the chimera of THE BEST does not exist.
You may want to contact Duke at Audiokinesis. He posts here often. Great guy with some fantastic speakers that get rave reviews at each show he's been at. I don't own them, but am working on it!!! I've yet to find a single bad review of his speakers or him.

I've spoken with him several times, and he is truly a nice guy!
I am starting out and have budgeted approx. $5k - $7k for speakers

That's an amazing statement.
Thanks for the responses. The listening room size is approx. 14' * 24', with a ceiling that is approx. 18', the listening area is very open. It has hardwood floors throughout.

My taste in music includes vocals such as Anita Baker, James Taylor, etc. (I must be getting old !)

I am thinking of spending the $$ getting high efficiency speakers (something I could grow with) and for now, a less powerful amp.

My friend as an original pair of Legacy Focus speakers each independently powered with old 250 Bell x100 amps. (although the listen room was much smaller than the area I am seeking to fill) It was a religious experience to hear what music should truly sound like !

I have listened to BW 804 & 805, Avalon Ascendant ($8,300 asking price), and a few others. None have seem to do it for me.

thanks again for your help.
bye a used pair off 803 b a w speakers,and a good sub that will keep u under cost , and sound amazing i promiss.krell amps off course. yours truely STEVE KIDNEY.STEVEKID98
The Legacy Focus is one of the most controversial speakers, along with Wilsons, although there is no question about their quantity of dynamics and bass. If that's along the lines you want to go, I would suggest AV123.com/GR Research LS9's or VMPS RM40's in your price range and make your friend jealous.
Vmps will always be considered full ramge, will work good in your room I bet and will look cool in there for sure.
Of the many speakers that might work for you, the fairly efficient Devore Fidelity Gibbon Nine's might be worth your time to audition. They are impressively dynamic for their size, are quite detailed, image well, and have excellent bass and upper ends with a superb midrange. And they are in your stated price range.
don't 'start'

Just thinking aloud here....

If you liked the Focus, then why not try for the Legacy Whispers? Especially if you are putting them on the long wall. In spite of their eff rating, it is my understanding they work better with decent power supplies & good amps.... 200+ wpc.

Finding a pair of them for 6500 should allow you to corral a good high powered amp, like a MC602 keeping you close to your budget of $10K... but that's buying them preowned.
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Vandersteen 5 and Quicksilver V4 Monos
The most important thing to have with full range performance is top to bottom coherence.
The room compensation feature in the Quatros and Five series makes this a reality.
Cheers John
Your room is not that big so you should find many practical high end choices that you might afford depending on your taste and preference.
From my discussion with Bill Dudleston, the specs of the Focus HD are 20Hz - 22kHz +/-2dB. I reviewed the Focus HD for Dagogo.com
my recomendation would be the jbl 4430 or jbl 4435 studio monitors...very dynamic. coherent, excellent power response, low distoration, great base, great efficiency (not sensitivity)excellent imaging and they can take all the power you can give them...an all around great full range speakers. driver quality is second to none. but like any other great speaker correct set up is important. and on the used market you wont have to spend $7k...and by chance you dont like them you can get your money back as they hold their value quite well. best of luck!
John if you can find him a 5A for $5-7k then let me know and I will buy them first!
John did say 5 and not 5A. John usually gets through his New years resolution of making no mistakes for at least one day.
Definately would go for the Focus 20/20...no speaker can touch it for the money. Whisper's are also a prime choice for the money..Goodluck!
At the RMAF the I was really impressed by the Reference 3A Grand Veena's- full range and sound so good. Go on line and read the reviews from all quarters. Find a dealer near you and take a listen to them. If there is no dealer near you check with the distributor for a home loan. They really seem to fit your parameters.

Decide on a sound you like first by doing a lot of demo's

IMHO other choices can be used speakers like Magapan's, Spender's, or Wilson's. Each has a different sound, but all are great.
I meant Magnepan's. My error.
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Vintage Sansui sp-5500's is one of the best...AT ANY PRICE $$$
I would like to thank you all for your support/suggestions. I went with the Legacy Whispers.
I've auditioned Legacy Focus, Legacy Classics, Energy Veritas, B&W 804N, Klipsch, Aerial, Paradigm Ref100v2, B&W 801N, and the one I ended up buying is a used pair of B&W 801N. They amazed me every time I listen to them. Given enough juice, Mac 501 monos in my case, they'll do wonder across wide range of music.