What is the best FM tuner with remote tuning?

O.K., we've had the great 10b, MD-108, TU-919,,,etc,.. but what about when you want to sit in your chair and scan the best that FM has to offer tonight? I am seeking(yes, pun intended)the best tuner(sonically)you have ever used that can be tuned via a remote?
Check into Creek Audio. They have a new tuner to replace the T43, a great sounding piece . I believe it is T50.
Though I don't know the answer, I have some suggestions; look into the Meridian tuners, I suspect they have remote and also the Linn tuner(s), and I don't necessary mean their current lines, if they are still making them.

Also, I would contact Don Scott and see what current tuner he would suggest with his mods.
Fanfare FT-1A.

Not really the best tuner for DX'ing, but if you're looking
for remote capability then DX'ing is probably not your main

I have not heard a better tuner on medium/strong signals
than the FT-1A. There are certainly (a few) equals, but none
Well, I have owned the Fanfare FT-1A, I thoroughly enjoyed owning it and the remote is nice, but "none better" is not accurate; I have owned a Sansui TU-717 and curruntly use a Yamaha T-2 and place both above it for performance, but they lack the remote. I do find the Fanfare visually appealing.
Brianmgrarcom, very interesting...I have owned several tuners..inc. the Magnum MD-108, the only remote tunable one I have had was the Classe Tuner-1 which was very good. The interesting part, is that the two tuners I currently own are a Sansui TU-717, which I am about to do some upgrades on, and a Yahama T-2, that recently went belly-up. I did not have the chance to compare the Yamaha and Sansui..can you compare them for me?

Thanks, Jim
Hi Jim,

I will share what I can, which will not be much, my experience with the TU-717 was very little.

The 717 I had only worked on channels above 100, I did fix this later, but because of this I only used it for a very short time. Playing on memory, I think the 717 was a little more open (airy) than the T-2, maybe a bit firmer bottom end. I really like the T-2 b/c of its size, appearance and features, but would gamble that the 717 is a little better, not to mention the 717 is easy to upgrade as you are doing.

In stock form, how did you feel the 717 compared to the MD 108 and Classe? I suspect the 717 modded may be hard to beat.
The Creek is very nice. For a cheaper clone, the Cambridge T500 is the same Creek circuit design at half the price. Not much lost in sound quality if you use a good power cord, and put it on vibrapods...

The remote comes with the Creek, and is an extra $39 to $50 option on the T500, since those with other Cambridge gear can use that remote..

The Cambridge just does not have the manual over-rides of the Creek. Most people just use automatic anyway.
Gotta disagree Brian, but that's what's great about this
hobby! I agree that both the TU-717 and T-2 (especially the
T-2) trounce the Fanfare in DX'ing. No question. If DX'ing
is of primary importance then I'd say a vintage analog tuner
such as those mentioned by Brian is definitely the way to
go. But when receiving medium/strong signals I don't think
either comes close, let alone in the same league. I have not
heard better bass from FM than with the Fanfare locked onto
a strong signal, except maybe the Day-Sequerra Ref. Even the
MD-108 falls short here (although I like it's top-end a
little more).

I use the tuner section of my old Yamaha CR-2040 for my DX sessions. The sensitivity on that thing is crazy. Not the
best sounding tuner but given the distances of the stations
I usually try to bring in with it that point is moot. I'd
say the TU-717 is a little sweeter sounding than the T-2
but not by much.
As you say Meisterkleef, we can agree to disagree and I am glad you are enjoying the Fanfare, it is a nice looking piece.

If you want a second opinion, click here:
Hello Brian and all,

Thanks to everyone for the input. The MD-108 was used when I had some Maggie 20's and the midrange, female vocals, was the best I have had...but the Maggies had a bit to do with that.

The Classe Tuner-1 is the only tuner I have had twice...and regreted each time I sold it. Since it is based on a Linn tuner section, I have always wondered how good the Linn Kremlin might be.

The TU-717 seems to have the "right stuff" to do modifications on. My plans are for a powercord outlet, upgraded RCA outputs, upgraded internal wire with bypassing the volume control, upgrade all audio board caps..and replacing all lamps with ones with longer life. I did just have the RF/IF section aligned and don't feel I will mess with the filters.

I love analog tuners..and will keep using them, but a remote tuning one is for those nights when I want to scan between oldies programs and Jazz programs without getting up...which, agian, is why I should have not sold my last Classe!
Interesting Whatjd, I didn't realize the Classe was based on a Linn; I too have heard positive comments on the Linn Kremlin and suspect it is very good. Why not just purchase another Classe if you like it? The remote feature is nice. Report back once you get the 717 back and broke in.
Any Dynalab tuner can be fitted with a remote or ordered
with one when new
Unless I am wrong, the Magnum remote is only for 5, or so, stations...does not scan, will only do a few presets. Also, Magnum is using op-amps for the audio sections of most of their tuners...not very high-end.