What is the best electronics for Proac D80?

I acquired a pair of Proac D80 recently. I am extremely pleased with the performance with my solid state system(Classe 401, DR6, ML 380S). However, as I understand most Proac speakers mate better with tube gears. I would like to hear from anybody who has experience with the D80. Thanks for the inputs.
Proacs are wonderful speakers. Berning tube amps are wonderful on them as well as Air Tight ATM-1 amps too.
This is two of the best combinations for the D80 as well as other models I have heard.
For many years you could find ProAc and Audio Research gear mated at audio shows.

I heard D80s powered by a pair of VTM200s at Alexis Park 5 years ago and thought it sounded pretty good, but not as expansive as I had hoped. It could just have been the crappy "show conditions" though.

In the past I owned Tablette 50 Sigs, 1SCs and 2.5s running off Blue Circle, BAT and Pass Labs preamps and amps. I found some personal magic with some of those combos.

What seemed to work for me was a tube or SS non-OS DAC into a tube preamp feeding a solid state amp. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of my sonic preference and how it relates to yours.

Good luck!
I own an GamuT D200MkIII and I am planning to upgrade my ProAc Studio 140 to D80.

Does anyone have experience with GamuT amplifiers and D80s?


Manley 250's or Snappers!
Pass Labs and Proac are a magical combination. Especially the new XA.5 series amps that run pure class A.