What is the best DVD player? No price limit.....

Any comments on EAD Theatrevision, Marantz SA-12S1, Cary, Meridian..........
The new Krell DVD Standard looks amazing. It is the closest to film quality I have ever seen from a DVD player.
I think that Camelot unit came out best in a couple of different surveys. Never saw / used one, so i'm just passing on what i've read / heard. Sean
I recently went looking for a new player and checked out many-many-many players . The Krell was certainly in the running until I came along the Panasonic DVD H 2000 - it took them all in the clarity of the picture including the Krell and Meridian - sound quality in the movie aspect was phenomenal - I can not say the CD sound is the best but it is great - I use an Electrocompaniet with a Perpetual Tech P-1A and a Kora Hermes DAC for serious listening. The DVD Audio on the Panie is something else and really knocks out the Sony 2 channel SACD - I have not listened to multi-channel Sacd yet. The Progressive Scan on the Panasonic is really worth looking into. It retails for 2495 but can be gotten from PC Mall for 1599. The Panie people have been doing video for a long time and seem to have it right at least with this unit and the portable DVD player I also have. It was fun looking at all the new great units out though so have fun.

I think I am going to go with Sean on this one and say it is the Camelot Roundtable as well. As far as I can tell, after reading about it in a couple of surveys, it was said that the Camelot Roundtable was better than the best that either Pioneer, Sony, or Toshiba had/has to offer. So, I guess that it might be better than the Meridian too. But then again, that was almost a year ago, and since that time, a giant killer or two may have been introduced. But don't quote me on that. Marantz has a player THAT MAY prove to be a challange for the Camelot (and the Marantz player I am talking about is also an SACD player for that matter), but right now, the jury is still out on that as well. But until it can be proven otherwise, the Camelot Roundtable is still the king of DVD players as far as I am concerned.

My EAD TV-P is great.
Also I would recommend to check this site:
http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_8_3/dvd-benchmark-progressive-shootout-2-8-2001.html. A lot of usefull info about DVD players.
Easy- Ayre D-1; Camelot Roundtable; Muse Thalia Nine