What is The Best DVD player for VIDEO?

With a price up to 2300.00?

Again, not audio but video.

Arcam make players that do very well at both audio and video.
In all honesty, save yourself some money and get one of the upper es series Sony's. They are well built, offer a 5 year warranty and video quality is about as good as it gets. Look through the reviews and you will always see them right up there.
To beat them, you'll need to spend a lot more bucks and I'm not sure how much you'll beat them by.

To be honest, I've been looking at some of the Sony's buy trying to figure out the difference between all the models(xe777,s9000 and all the other 7's, 9's) is difficult? To many models.
Look into the EAD players.
Save your money and look for a Panasonic that has the features that you want. Phenomenal bang for the buck and they don't sound all that bad in stock form either. If i didn't want to have SACD & DVD-A capability, that is what i would have done. Sean