What is the Best DVD

What is the BEST DVD player with the best Decoder for dolby digital and dts? Good decoder enough to compete with those in a AV-pro.What I'm trying to do is find a good dvd player with a built in decoder to run through a McCormack MAP-1 multi-channal analog preamp, I want to keep the analog signal intact without going from digital to anolog and viseversa.
These multichannel analog preamps (like the MAP-1) are a totally different solution to the problem of intergrating a Processor(HT) with 2 channel Preamps. I am very interested in this as well.

I dont know what DVD is best specifically. I have read that Denons (2900/5900) and their upcoming replacements have built in decoders. The Sony 999 does as well. Muse 11 and Bel Canto PL1 both do as well, but are just a little more expensive ;)

There are others but I cant remember right off the top of my head. Arcam maybe, EAD too.
The Arcam DV27 is a great DVD player, if you can afford the Sim Audio Orion or Stellar is superb with the audio board. You may want to rethink the DVD options with the DVI or HDCP connections for video depending on you equipment.
Esoteric makes an incredible audiophile DVD multi player.