What is the best Discman?

A Sony Discman was the first way I heard the CD format in the 1980s, and the discman I had then was really very bad. After passing through a number of portable formats in the 90s and 21st century, I want to return to the redbook CD as my portable format of choice...so goes the merry go round! Being out of the discman market for so long, I am wondering if any manufacturers have produced an audiophile-level discman in the meantime. If you have any recommendations, please make them here.
The Sony CD Walkman D-EJ100, under $40, and as very positively reviewed in Sterophile, is really quite good. I am using it with high quality earphones on airplanes when traveling.
I also use a D-EJ100. Sometimes with Sennheiser HD-600s or 580s. Although not as cool or convenient, I much prefer it to my wife's ipod nano. I do however like the earphones that came with the ipod, they really fit my ears well.
Zargon, Timru: Thanks for the tip: fantastic price! Have they solved the skipping problem? I see that SONY has more expensive models in the $200 range: has anyone had any experience with those models?
Mine has never skipped. Haven't listened to Sony's more expensive models. I was considering one of their models which offers a line out but didn;t really want to spend much $ on a feature that would probably go unused after initial trial.
At the price of the D-EJ100 it's hard to go wrong.
Mine has never skipped either. Where did you get that impression?